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Pinterest App on Android | How do I get Pinterest App on iPhone

Pinterest App on Android. Having the pictures of your last adventure preserve can be saved on Pinterest. If you’re searching for any creative ideas or planning the next big travel adventure, Pinterest App is the right App for you. Or are you in need of a beautiful home design concepts or fashion and fitness tips? Use Pinterest App from Google Play store, or from the App Store, to download and install the Pinterest App on Android.

Pinterest for Android devices How does it work?

Pinterest is an application for showing pictures. It comes with its own in-built formations. There are tools that help you enjoy using this app. There are boards to display your pictures. Each new account is assigned a board automatically with a title such as Art Food, Architecture, Accessories, and Apparel which users can edit on. You can create a board if you can’t find a category that suits them.

Pinterest App on Android

Also, you can set up your board and flood it with any content of your choice. Use pinning or re-pinning. Or you can use the Bookmarklet App or pin-It Button. Also, Re-pinning is when you add any image found on another user Pinterest account to any of your pinboards. This involves taking a picture from another user’s board to your own board. However, you can comment or likes another user’s pins this makes Pinterest social and thrilling.

Pinterest App For Android

Pinterest is now available on Android smartphones, tablets. The Pinterest App on Android makes it easy for users to view their Pinterest account at convenience with their phone. You can also view your friend’s pin and repin items at any location. Users view the latest Pinterest activities relating to their pins and others. They receive a notification on any comments, likes and repins shared on your board.

How do I get Pinterest App on iPhone

Having Pinterest App on your iPhone is just easy and simple. Here are a few steps to follow

  • On App Store on your iPhone device
  • On the page, search for “Pinterest”
  • Check for the app in the list of the search results display
  • Next, click on the “ Install “ button
  • Scroll down to the top right corner of the page.
  • The Apple ID Password screen will appear
  • Key in your password and click on the “Ok” button
  • Download the app click on the icon to open it.
  • The login screen will give you the option to choose either to log in through Facebook or Twitter or to log in and authorize the app through the instructions on either Facebook or Twitter
  • Scroll down and click on the login button.

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