Pinterest for Affiliate marketing | How to make money on Pinterest with Affiliate Links

Pinterest for Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a powerful means to monetize a blog. Affiliate marketing on Pinterest is very interesting as there over 100 million pinners to click on your link.

However, in the last 6 to 7 years ago, Pinterest had banned Pinterest affiliate marketing due to scams on pins. But upon improvement on their platform and they also come up with technology to combat spammers. In 2016 Pinterest opens up again and permit affiliate marketing again.

Pinterest for Affiliate marketing

What is Pinterest Affiliate marketing?

One may be thinking what is its all about and how does it work? Basically, it Is sampling company products and when someone makes a purchase via the link you shared, you earn a commission of such sale.

For instance, someone makes a purchase through one of the affiliate link, the person that made the post will earn a small commission. Sometimes you earn bonuses for using an affiliate link. It’s really a win-win.

How to get Pinterest Affiliate Links

One of the simplest ways to get an affiliate link on Pinterest affiliate marketing is to the affiliate networks. This involves big groups of Individual affiliate programs. When you are accepted into the network and using the platform you can apply to dozens of affiliate programs. Below are some good affiliate networks:

  • Impact Radius
  • ShareASale
  • FlexOffers

Pinterest Affiliate marketing Ideas

When it comes to affiliate marketing one must really know what your targeted audience needs. Below are a few ideas from popular blogging niches for affiliate marketing products that you can pin on Pinterest. Out there are many other products one can become an affiliate for. Ask yourself questions for additional ideas like: what kind of items would my ideal audience want to buy?

Fashion bloggers 

Fashion is trendy these days. People love good fashions and it’s a goldmine for affiliate link. Create a link on a favorite shirt, shoes, dresses, pants, shoes, sunglasses, hat, etc.

Cooking bloggers

Create boards and pins for your favorite cookbooks, aprons, kitchen tools, and kitchen appliances.

Moms favorites and children zone

Create boards for little boys and girls clothes, fill the board with children’s favorite styles and brands. Toddler snacks with foods that children love and mom style with tasteful pieces from your favorite products

DIY + crafts blogs

Link your favorite tools, craft supplies, and inspirations.

Frugal/ coupon bloggers

Individuals cherish a good deal. Create boards and share pins about companies that save you money, cashback websites, daily deal sites, banking, online consignment stores, etc.

Blogging about blogging

 this includes pins for your niche related courses, business tools, social media schedulers, blog hosting and website templates, email providers.


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