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Pinterest Marketing strategy is a growth sector just like B2C brands. It has users up to 291 million monthly. The Pinterest platform is more than a social media platform, it is a place to seek a solution to problems in a visual format.

However, if you are offering services or selling physical products Pinterest is an excellent platform to market your products. For your sales to fetch a good audience you need strategies. Continue to read down to see Pinterest marketing strategy

Pinterest marketing Strategy

What is the Pinterest Marketing strategy for 2020

Change to Pinterest Business Account

To use your Pinterest account for the business switch to a business account. A  business account enables you to gain access to all Pinterest analytics tools, you have control over branding and content distribution. It also, allow s you to promote Pins and more. These features are free dies not to have any issues.

Project your boards with Keyword Rich Descriptions

The Pinterest algorithm searches for keywords used on boards. And this helps them in determining the contents on the boards and rank it. This is one side that Pinterest users don’t always get right. Attaching keywords on your board titles and descriptions is very vital for your Pins.

Adding a description to your board only takes a few minutes.

Add Keywords

Pinterest, as we know is a search engine. Daily numerous users type in keywords to search for content. Pinterest shows vital content to people as they search and also suggest other phrases that users may find relevant or finds interesting.

However, the result they will display has to be as good as the keywords attached to the title. And this should describe the Pins. Watch out for these factors to be relevant and niche conscious when giving titles and writing descriptions to your Pins.

Reply Post And posting comments

Another strategy to implement is replying to post. Pay more attention to replying to or commenting on the post. When people comment on your post it’s a sign that your puns are ranking. Also spending time to engage your community by responding to comments will increase your followers, brand loyalty and other factors that involve in growing your brand on Pinterest.

Claim your Website and other social profiles

When you claim your website it enables you to gain access to your website analytics. This will allow you to see which pins are working, and your website statistics.

Watch your Website Performance

If you’re running ads on Facebook, Google Instagram, and many others. It will be bad to stay out of an event that is happening on your site. You need to know which marketing data and ads are working for you and the one that is not. Most persons set up reports on a weekly or monthly basis in order to analyze the performance of their marketing campaigns.

Invest in high-quality images

Pinterest is a visual platform. Pinterest seems similar to Google’s image search. Although you can add text to your images to increase the click rate.

However, the quality of your mages affects your click rate. Besides its represent your brand when you post content on Pinterest. Always put professional and well-polished pins on boards.


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