Pinterest Tag | Pinterest sign in | How to tag on Pinterest

Pinterest Tag is a way that Pinterest users use to tag themselves on a post. The tag button is usually found in the comment field just like the social media platform.

Pinterest Tag

Pinterest Tag

 The tag button as long as Pinterest is concerned is represented with these symbols, @ and #. If you want other Pinterest users to watch your videos or any other content, that is when you make use of the tag symbol.

Putting this tag to your website will enable you to build and also reach more customers on Pinterest. Thus with this tag, you can track conversation on your website audience.

How To start using Pinterest Tag

There’s a procedure you must follow to get to it, which are as follows

You must create a Pinterest account if you’ve not done so. And to create an account with Pinterest you need to have either a Facebook account or Gmail account.  To learn how to create a Google account read the next section.

How To Create A Google account

To get your own Google account, so that you will proceed with getting a Pinterest account, follow these steps accordingly.

  • Open your browser and search for
  • Navigate to select the “create an account” widget at the downside of the page
  • A blank form will display on the new page, navigate to input your personal details, details like your first and last name, etc. I
  • Input your phone number.  If you submitting a phone number, make sure you are the owner of the number and ensure the number is available, because Google will be reaching you from time to time using that number.
  • A security code will be sent to you via the phone number you submitted.
  • Copy out the code sent to you and Key it in the appropriate field and follow any further instructions given, to successfully create your Google account.

Pinterest sign in

After creating your Google account, Proceed to Pinterest sign-in page and sign in using your Google account sign-in credentials.

Pinterest Tag – how to sign in

  • Visit the Pinterest homepage at
  • The next page, it’s where you will locate a button that says “continue with Google” Click on that button
  • From there, you will find yourself in Pinterest

How To tag on Pinterest

Go to Pinterest page, to log in, click on “login with Google” or “Facebook”

On the next page, if you want to tag someone or a location Fill out the @ recipient name or # location tag accordingly.


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