PS4 Won’t connect to WiFi/ How do I Fix it?

PS4 Won’t connect to WiFi and you need to go online? There are several things that can prevent your PS4 from connecting to the Internet, which will be tabled down In this article.

PS4 won't connect to WiFi

Why is my PS4 not connecting to WiFi

  • It could be that your wifi network has lost its Internet connectivity
  • Maybe the PlayStationnetwork is offline
  • If your PS is far from the wireless router
  • When you typein wrongpassword or username while trying to connect
  • If your PS4 DNS Server are wrongly configured

Easiest Ways to get your PS4 back Online

With this steps below getting your PS back online is very simple all you need is to follow the instructions carefully, and perform them one after the other. After each attempt, go back and try connecting it to the WiFi to see if the issue has been solved before you try the next step

Restart your Modem/router if PS won’t connect to WiFi

  • All you need is to Click on your router/modem power button to restart it
  • After restarting it, go back and check if the console can connect to the Internet
  • Reboot them manually, then wait for few minutes, then verify if it’s OK

Check the PlayStation network

When you go to the PlayStation status,  verify if it’s offline, if so then it’s the reason why you are unable to go online, simply turn the PlayStation network online.

Restart Your PS is it won’t connect to WiFi

To perform the restart, kindly power off the PS4 and then switch it On again.You can try to connect it to the Internet again.

Ensure you entered the correct password

It could be that you typed in the wrong password when you are trying to connect to the Internet. So Cross-check the password you are entering to make sure it’s correct

Try To Bring the router/model nearer to PlayStation 4

The distance between the router and the PS might be the reason you are not getting online.  So Move the modem closer and see if there’s a change.

Change The DNS Settings

Most times, you are unable to connect to a WiFi due to the Console DNS Settings. You can try to change the DNS addresses with your WiFi network.

Take Your PS far from interference

Ensure your wifisignal is not hindered by device related interference, for instance  an excessive Tick wall.

Connect your PS with a wired connection

After attempting all the troubleshooting above and you can’t still go online ,you can try connecting the console to the router with an Ethernet cable

Finally – Reset your PS4 when it won’t connect to WiFi

When the above possible solutions fails to solve the problem, you can reset your PS to its default, factory settings.


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