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Rakuten – About Rakuten rewards – Rakuten app

Rakuten is an online shop Marketplace that has thousands and different kinds of items placed for sales. Its program allows members to earn points as they purchase at affiliated stores online.


About Rakuten rewards

The rewards program offers you Cashback after making purchases at their outstanding affiliate stores. The company runs with popular online retail stores which include Amazon, Walmart, eBay and many more.  Thus, when users buy something at any of these stores through they will get amazing discounts.

How does Rakuten work?

The mode to which Rakuten works is very easy to understand, simply Scroll to their abode-page at, go to the search engine and browse for the store you want to buy items from, when you locate it, select the “Shop Now” tab and then begin your shopping. Thus after purchasing an eligible item you will receive the cashback in your account.

How does Rakuten make money? 

Are you wondering how the website makes money? Because they offer free cash to shoppers within their website? 

This website is a good example of affiliate marketing. What is affiliate marketing? It’s where online stores give commission to companies for referring their stores to shoppers to purchase from. It means, whenever a member taps on the link at Rakutenthatleads to online retailers and then purchase items, the online store pays Rakuten. So the site does not want to eat the money alone, that is why they decide to be giving buyers part of the money. To also encourage them to keep buying within their website.

Rakuten app

It is simply an application available for mobile devices for easy access to Ebates member’s account. To get the app on your phone, you have to download it from play store/app store.

How To Download The app

You want to install the app on your device either iPhone or Android, the steps beneath will out you through

  • Click to open your phone menu
  • From the menu, select the “Google play store” for Android device and “Apple app store” for iPhone
  • Go to the bar at the top and search for “Rakuten”
  • Hit the install tab or “Get” widget, it depends on your device type.

How To sign up

To register, you only need your email and password. Simply go to their website at

Fill in your correct email and password and then tap on “join” button.

Note; You can also register with your Google or Facebook account

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