|Rediffmail| Rediff Online Shopping is a news, entertainment and shopping website in India. Read the latest news, get real-time stock quotes and make purchases on Rediff shopping. The platform provides you with trusted news from India and around the world. You will be learning more about the platform and how to create an account.


This Web portal was launched in 1996, it’s headquarter is situated in Mumbai, India. The platform has grown so big, that it has offices in New York City, Bangalore and New Delhi. is dedicated to giving you all you need to know about news, sports, and business. It launched a paid mobile email service it was launched in 2010. The app is available on Java, Symbian, and Android devices.

Rediffmailwhat is the meaning of Rediffmail

Rediffmail is simply a web-based email service developed by It has about 95 million users. However, the platform offers unlimited free storage space, so that you won’t run out of space..the mailing platform lets users send and receive mails in diverse Indian languages on Microsoft Windows. features

I will be outlining what you tend to get from the platform. It comes with outstanding features, which include, News, sports, movies, shopping, IPL, Real-time news, business mail and lots more.

Rediff shopping

This platform is not just for email service and news only, it also an online shopping website. The shopping platform is where you can buy and sell all manner of items. And before you can start shopping on this platform, you would have to create an account with Rediff. Read the section below will teach you how to create an account.

How to Create an account

Go to your browser and search for

Go to the “create account/sign up section.

Provide the required information in the blank spaces and then click on create my account.

You will receive a verification code on your mobile device to verify it.

How to login to your account

When you are through with creating your account, the next thing is for you to login to your account. Take the following steps to access your account.

  • Open your web browser and enter the URL
  • Click on the “sign in /login  button on the homepage.
  • On the next page, which is the login page, key in your login credentials in the appropriate field. From there you will gain access to your account.


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