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Redstone Federal Credit Union was founded in 1951 by it’s original members who each placed $5 into a shoebox. These first eleven members on Redstone Arsenal envisioned a different type of financial institution. This type was a financial institution that can transform lives and strengthen communities. With more than 65 years down the line, their vision now serves as the foundation for the Redstone that is well known today. Redstone Federal Credit Union now has members all over the world and more than $4 billion in assets and is now one of the 25 largest federal credit unions in the country.

Today, to join Redstone, $5 is still what you need to join Redstone.

Redstone Federal Credit Union

Redstone is serious about service, and works together to build a strong community. As a member-owned credit union, Redstone gives back to it’s members through better rates  personalized service, and customized financial education and also makes a difference in it’s communities by donating, volunteering, and striving to be more eco-friendly.

Member Benefits

Redstone Rewards!® –  This is a free program that enables you earn cash on the things you already buy with your debit card. You stand eligible when you add online banking to your checking account.

Better Rates –  Here, Redstone keeps your rates competitive so your money can work harder for you. It offers lower rates on loans and credit cards and higher yields on savings accounts.

Free Mobile Banking App  – Manage your money wherever you go with online banking, mobile web banking, text banking, and the Redstone Mobile App.

Convenience  –  Get access to over 70,000 surcharge-free ATMs all over the United States and abroad. As a member, you are also backed by a huge network which offers convenience and support.

Redstone Discounts®–  Your money goes further with exclusive discounts at local retailers and businesses and hundreds of these businesses offer member discounts on a wide variety of goods and services as you use your Redstone debit or credit card.

Special Offers  –  Enjoy special offers like extra CashBack on credit cards. These offers change all through the year, and is yet another way for Redstone to say “thank you” to it’s valued members.


Trusted Advice  –  Get wise financial advice from Redstone’s experienced team members over the phone, in person, and via it’s website, to make good financial choices.

Financial Counseling –  Redstone has partnered with BALANCE to dish out in-depth, confidential, comprehensive financial advice about their finances, completely free of charge.

Seminars –Seminars are held on a wide range of topics covering issues that affects almost everyone. There’s also classroom visits to help the youngest members of it’s community learn the basics of money management.

Part Ownership  –  As a member-focused credit union, Redstone exits for you and any surplus funds are returned to it’s members via dividends, better rates, and lower fees. You also have a voice in how your credit union is run.

Service –  Enjoy super customer service through Redstone representatives who are known to work with members, explain the products and services offered by Redstone to find solutions that will fit their lives.

Redstone Federal Credit Union Online Banking

The Redstone online banking services are designed to accommodate your 24/7 schedule.

Once you log into your secure online banking account, you’ll get access to the tools you need to manage your finances. They range from fund transfers and bill pay to security alerts and spending breakdowns, all available at your finger tips when you need it.

Redstone online banking gives you a comprehensive suite of online services to help you get more done and do more with your money when it’s convenient for you.

Redstone Credit Union Online Banking Benefits

With Redstone online banking, you can easily get access to and do the following;




Credit Cards


Transfer Funds

Pay Bills






Become A Member

When you become a Redstone Federal Credit Union member, you get backed by a supportive network which will empower you as you plan for a bright future. For Redstone, members always come first, thus it works together to find effective strategies that are tailored to suit it’s members lives. Redstone has over 65 years, used the right combination of smart banking solutions, expert advice, as well as personalized service can open up new possibilities for it’s members.

Who is Eligible To Join Redstone Federal Credit Union?

You are eligible if you;

Belong to one of the Redstone Membership Partners via 1500+ organizations, clubs, churches, and businesses.

If you have an immediate family member who is a Redstone member.

Live in a household with a Redstone Member.

A government employee or a government contractor.

In a military or a military dependent.

If you are a member of the military reserve.

A member of the National Guard

You can also contact Redstone Federal Credit Union To find out other ways to qualify for membership as well as qualify for a membership.

Redstone Federal Credit Union Near Me

Redstone has thousands of surcharge-free ATMs across the globe, Interactive Teller Services (ITMs),  and 26 Redstone branches throughout the Tennessee Valley.

You can locate a Redstone near you via the following mediums;

Using the map to find a Redstone branch, contact information, hours as well as directions.

Through the Redstone Mobile App. You can use also Branch Check-In to minimize your wait time.

Easy-to-use ATM locators, to have access to thousands of surcharge-free ATMs all over the globe.

If you are away from home, text your address intersection, or Zip code to 91989 (MYCOOP) to get the location of a surcharge-free ATM close to you.

Join Redstone Federal Credit Union today and become part of a financial institution that has an unwavering commitment to it’s members which allows it stay grounded in what matters most.


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