Rewardable App -different ways to earn money

Rewardable app is a mobile application that offers cash rewards to members after performing the task given. The app enables you to get money fast with your smartphone. So customers receive money as they make purchases. Moreover, users can also earn cash by watching videos, writing products, answering surveys and exploring offers.

rewardable app

How does Rewardable App Work?

The Rewardable app works in a simple way. Just download and install the application on your smartphone, then launch the app and register. After registering a login to your account, find and complete available tasks. So when you are done, you will get paid.

Note; the tasks available will depend on your area, your location plays a vital role in the availability of tasks. If you reside in big cities, you will have more chances than those people in remote areas.

Who can use the Rewardable App?

The app is for individuals who want to make fast money using the online platform.

The online advertising Agents. These are people who want to increase the number of visitors, visiting their website. Because most task given by Rewardable App comes with an ad, that customers need to click and watch before their task will be completed.

Different ways to earn money

Customers can make money using the mediums below.

Completing surveys – the company lets members participate in surveys from popular research companies, and then receive a reward. Thus the only thing you need to do is to contribute, by giving your opinion on topics you want.

Answering questions –  earn money when you answer questions on trending topics.

Watching videos– when you watch sponsored videos for a particular period of time, you will receive cash for it.  You are not limited to the number of videos you are to watch, you can watch as many as you want, as long as you have the time.

Writing product reviews –you might be asked to visit your local store, then select the products you want or write about it or write about the product you have at home.

Taking part in daily Sweepstakes– the app offers a sweepstake, that gives extra points to the most active users after finishing the highest number of tasks each day.

Refer a friend – the referral program offers you 10% of your referrals earnings. So all you need is to make sure your referral works very hard, because the more active your referral is, the more your earnings increases.


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