Everything You Need to Know About Royal Caribbean Credit Card

Are you looking to set sail with rewards in hand? If yes, then the Royal Caribbean Visa Signature Credit Card has you covered.

Everything You Need to Know About Royal Caribbean Credit Card

This post will reveal everything you need to know about the Royal Caribbean Visa Signature Credit Card.  From its enticing benefits to its potential drawbacks. Helping you scale through the seas of credit card rewards with confidence.

Are you dreaming of free cruises or seeking out the best perks? Let’s embark on a journey to uncover all the details of this wonderful card.

Overview Of Royal Caribbean Visa Signature Credit Card

Loyal cruisers are drawn to the Royal Caribbean Visa Signature Credit Card by its rewards program, which includes free cruises, onboard credits, companion rates, and cabin upgrades. The card offers simple reward redemption processes, no annual charge, and no fees for overseas transactions. It also provides the extra advantages that come with having a Visa Signature card. There are certain disadvantages to the card, chief among them being the amount of money required to obtain the best rewards.

The Bank of America-issued Royal Caribbean card has no annual fees, although approval usually requires a decent credit score of at least 670.

Although it’s megaships and amazing onboard entertainment are well-known, Royal Caribbean’s credit card program is far less impressive. You may be dissatisfied with the amount of money you would have to spend on the royal Caribbean credit card in order to receive free cruises if that is your main reason for applying for the credit card.

To find out if the Royal Caribbean credit card would be a suitable choice for you, let’s examine it in more detail.

Welcome Offer For Royal Caribbean Visa Signature Credit Card

25,000 MyCruise bonus points are being given out as a sign-up incentive for the Royal Caribbean Visa Signature Credit Card once you spend at least $1,000 during the first 90 days of creating an account. The value of the 25,000 points is $250 in onboard credit.

This welcome bonus is comparable to what you would typically get with a no-annual-fee credit card that has a spending threshold of $1,000 or less. But if you’re willing to pay an annual fee of about $100, you can usually get a significantly better value from the welcome bonus on most general travel credit cards.

Benefits Of Royal Caribbean Visa Signature Credit Card

The absence of an annual fee and foreign transaction fees are the card’s two main selling points. It’s helpful to have no international transaction fees if you regularly buy things outside of the United States. It’s a gain to have this benefit without having to pay an annual charge because many cards that offer it do.

In addition, after spending at least $3,500 on card purchases within the first 90 days of account setup, cardholders can take advantage of a $50 flight discount through Royal Caribbean’s Air2Sea program. (Pupils are not qualified.)

Under the Visa Signature designation, the Royal Caribbean credit card comes with a few extra perks. You will also have access to the Visa Signature premium Hotel Collection and all of its perks. Including VIP status and exclusive pricing at a few premium hotels across the world. As well as a 24/7 free concierge who can help with reservations, dining needs, and entertainment tickets.

The Royal Caribbean credit card also comes with an extended warranty, lost luggage compensation. And collision damage waiver for secondary motor rentals because it is a Visa Signature card.

How to Apply For Royal Caribbean Visa Signature Credit Card

To apply for the Royal Caribbean Visa Signature Credit card, you simply need to:

  • Visit the Royal Caribbean website or the website of the financial institution issuing the card.
  • Look for the section on credit cards or search for the specific card.
  • Once you find it, there should be a button or link to apply.
  • You’ll then need to provide personal information, such as your name, address, income, and social security number, and consent to a credit check.

How to Redeem Points On Royal Caribbean Visa Signature Credit Card

You can redeem MyCruise points for merchandise. Charity donations, onboard credits and amenities, cabin upgrades, cruise discounts, companion rates, complimentary voyages, and more.

A large number of the awards are worth one penny each point (caution: PDF). You can redeem as little as 1,000 MyCruise points for a $10 gift to the World Wildlife Fund’s worldwide ocean conservation effort. Redeeming onboard credit and upgrading to a better cabin start at 5,000 points, with incentives of $50.

At the moment, 50,000 points can be redeemed for a free trip on a three- or four-night Royal Caribbean cruise in a stateroom with an ocean view. This is preferable to the 1-cent-per-point alternatives because the value of the cruise holiday fare cannot exceed $1,000.

The cruise awards are not combinable with other promotional offers or restricted pricing. And there are date limits (no Christmas or New Year’s Day sailings).

You can log into your account at royalcaribbean.com/mycruiserewardsonline to redeem your points.

How to Make Payments On Royal Caribbean Visa Signature Credit Card

You can simply make payments for your royal Caribbean Visa Signature Credit through the issuer’s website, by mail, or by phone. Visit the issuer’s website for specific instructions or contact their customer service for assistance.

Is the Royal Caribbean Visa Signature Credit Card Worth it?

The Royal Caribbean credit card has a 540,000 MyCruise point annual cap. To reach that cap, you would need to spend $270,000 on Royal Caribbean or Celebrity Cruises. Or more than half a million dollars on other transactions.

You may do far better than collecting 1 or 2 points for every dollar spent on purchases with the Royal Caribbean card. If you have to make transactions totaling a quarter or half a million dollars annually. A card with a substantial welcome bonus. Or one that gives you additional points for every dollar you spend on regular purchases might be more beneficial.


Because of its Visa Signature designation, the Royal Caribbean card comes with a large amount of perks when used as a credit card with no annual fee.

The points expire after five years, and the earning rates for spending are inadequate. It’s easy to comprehend redemptions. But unless you spend a lot. It will take a while to accumulate enough points for a complimentary two-night cruise.

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