Sairui Shopping Mall – Sairui E-commerce | How Sairui Works

Sairui Mall is an international online shopping mall in China. The deals on energy and function just like Jumia, Alibaba, Amazon, and many others. The company was established in China in 2008, by a Chinese businessman namedMr. Zhang Yuan, who is among the top 10 entrepreneurs in China. This prestigious company was launched its presence in Africa in 2019 precisely in Ghana, Accra.

Sairui Shopping Mall

Sairui Shopping Mall

Furthermore, 5he company uses the new E-commerce system called the ‘New Retail System’ where members can buy and sell its products online. Continue to read on to know more details about Sairui Shopping Mall for your transactions.

Sairui Mall International

Sairui Shopping Mall was born out of a group of companies. The CEO Mr. Zhang Yuanis into Biotech, basically, Sairui is into Quantum Energy which is about the future energy health. This business was born out of the famous statement made by Mr. Jack Ma. the owner of Alibaba. “The next 10 – 16 years, we will see more new retail business than the traditional e-commerce which offers nothing to customers”. This statement means that customers should not be profit providers only, but also earners of profits when they buy things. Since its operations, Sairui had given out 80% of its profits to its members. Using its E-commerce system called the “New Retail” System to give back to members when they buy and sell products online.

Sairui Mall Products

Sairui Mall deals with Quantum energy products that enhance an individual’s health globally. Here are Sairui products:

  • Quantum energy foot Massager
  • Fuel saver card
  • Quantum energy glasses
  • Beauty sprayer
  • Mobile phone sticker
  • Quantum energy heat and neck instrument.

These are some of the products you can get from the Sairui Mall.

Sairui Mall Retail Business How does it work?

Sairui does not operate like every other contemporary shopping site online. SairuiMall offers its buyers the opportunity to make a profit from every item they buy. I know this may sound so absurd!

However, it’s for real. When you get any of its product of choice online.  For example, products that cost $100 apiece and you ordered it and get it delivers to you. This is a normal process for online purchases. But on Sairui, for ordering the product online, you are offered a two ordering quota in the wholesale section of the store. That means you are given a 60% discount each to order the same product again.

Users also have the option to get them delivered to them. Or alternatively you have the privilege to place such items on the market place and it would be sold for you within 9 days for $100 each. To add to it you can get both your capital and profits at any time. This process can be repeated up to three times a month. Members are free to exist at any time of your choice. At Sairui Mall it is so easy to affiliate with the platform and still make good money and profit.

How to Make Money | Profits in Sairui Mall e-commerce Business

Users can make profits in six  ways on Sauiri platform and they are:

  • Store profit
  • Chain store profit
  • Direct sharing profit
  • Service profit
  • Chain service profits
  • Traditional E-commerce profit

Sairui Mall Packages

Sairui Mall has four ways packages which are called VIPs. This means that everyone doing business with them is called VIPs.

  • VIP 1
  • VIP 2
  • VIP3
  • VIP4

Each VIP level has a price tag according to its levels of registration and activation.

  • VIP1 = $25
  • VIP2 = $50
  • VIP3 = $100
  • VIP4 = $300

The above-mentioned are prices for registration and activation of any package of choice. However, you will have to fund your back office with some amount of money per VIP level of your choice. This will help to store up your products for sales. Here is the amount you need for funding each VIPs level

  • VIP1 = $54
  • VIP2 = $90
  • VIP3 = $180
  • VIP4 = $540

Note you will get products worth the amount you fund at any of the VIPs levels.

How to become a Member

Becoming a member is very easy. Just get any of the packages above, register, activate and start immediately. When you register any of the VIP packages it qualifies you as a business owner in Sairui Mall. Apart from the registration fee, trading capital is the money you fund in your back office after registering and it is your personal fund that you can withdrawal any time.

How to Register

Contact on WhatsApp at +233558160387 for placement. The business is registered through a link


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