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 Saks Credit Card – How To Apply For Saks Credit Card

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Saks Credit Card is offered by Capital One Bank. This is a store card, that offers a fantastic rewards rate for high spenders.

 Saks Credit Card

 Saks Credit Card

Saks offers two credit card options, they are SaksFirst store card and SaksFirst MasterCard. Both cards, offer the same rewards rate on in-store purchases, with the only difference being that you can use your SaksFirst MasterCard on everyday spending, and not just at Saks.


 Here is the  range of benefits that offers you exquisite rewards and lots more:

  • Offers exquisite rewards rate for high spenders (Up to 18%)
  • Get access to pre-sales items first which is exclusive to the Saks store.
  • Triple Point Days enables you to earn more rewards
  • MasterCard variant offers decent rewards on a broad range of spending categories.

How amazing to get rewarded for purchasing the things you love.

Saks Credit Card Application

 You can easily apply for the CC. But first, let’s see the requirements you need to meet in order to apply:

 Eligibility Criteria

 Requirements for the card application are not disclosed.

How to Apply

 Customers can apply at the Saks website. All they have to do is visit the Saks credit card secure website, to get access to the information they need and how they can apply for the Saks credit card.

Card Login

 From the Saks credit card website, you can easily, securely and conveniently log into your credit card account. 

Logging is that easy, and you can always log in with these steps, whenever you want to have access to your account.

Username or Password Recovery

 Your username and password are as important as the account you have created. Without your username or password, accessing your card account would be difficult. To recover your username or password, use these steps:

Now you have your username and password, so accessing your credit card account is now easy.

Make Payment with Your Card

 There are various mediums you can use to make Saks Credit Card bill payment. They are;


  • Scroll to the card site
  • Log into your account
  • Tap on the “Pay Online” link
  • Choose a convenient payment option
  • Make your payment

Mail Payment

 SaksFirst MasterCard

 Visit the SaksFirst MasterCard website for the mailing address.

SaksFirst Store Credit Card

 Visit the SaksFirst store credit card website for the mailing address.

You are advised to include your SaksFirst account number on your check. Your account number can be found on your statement. To be sure, that your SaksFirst payment is received on time, you are to mail your payment at least 5 business days prior to the due date displayed on your monthly billing statement.

Phone Payment

 Pay your bill by phone as you call the number provided on the (SaksFirst MasterCard) and (SaksFirst Store Credit Card) website.

In-Store Payment

 Make your payment at any Saks store close to you.

 Customer Care Number

 Contact the customer care unit by calling the number listed on the SaksFirst MasterCard and, to have all issues about Saks Credit Card addressed.

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