Sears Credit Card Rewards – Sears Credit Card Review

Sears Credit Card Rewards. Sears Credit Card and Sears MasterCard, are designed with rewards and benefits that enable you to make the most of your card. Let’s outline each card’s rewards and benefits. Earning rewards with your card simplifies the way you shop, and helps you gain more as you make purchases using your card.

Earning rewards with a credit card is what motivates most cardholders to shop more using their card. Knowing this, the Sears credit card has made provisions, to help you earn rewards as you use your card to make purchases at any Sears location. Better still, if you are someone who shops frequently at the Sears store, you can use applying for the card, as an opportunity to earn some amazing rewards and benefits, which you can apply towards your future purchases.

Sears Credit Card Rewards

Sears Credit Card Rewards

Even though the Sears credit card does not offer much in terms of benefits, what it offers will come in handy if you regularly shop at Sears Holdings family of stores. Cardholders will find this card handy while shopping, and will also find it useful if they are trying to build their credit score.

Thus, we will be looking at different benefits and rewards, you’ll be getting from the Sears credit card as a cardholder.

 Sears Credit Card Benefits

 The Sears Credit Card does not come with many perks, and can only be used within the Sears Holdings family of stores. Its benefits include;

  • Special financing option on certain products including but not limited to appliances, electronics, fitness equipment, automotive merchandise, and tools.
  • Offers exclusive savings of special deals, savings coupons, invites to cardholder-only events, and the ability to earn points when you use your Sears Credit Card® via the Shop Your Way program/portal
  • Enjoy account protection
  • Revel savings on your favourite brands with special financing, special offers, exclusive events and coupons at Sears and

Sears Shop Your Way MasterCard® Benefits

  • Earn a $20 statement credit when you are approved for a new Sears MasterCard. Excludes deferred interest and major purchase plan purchases.
  • Use your card anywhere MasterCard is accepted
  • Cardholders, automatically get enrolled in the Shop Your Way rewards program and are eligible for category bonus benefits
  • 5% in points on eligible purchases at gas stations
  • 3% in points on eligible purchases at grocery stores & restaurants
  • 2% in points on eligible purchases at Sears & Kmart
  • 1% in points on all other eligible purchases.

Shop Your Way Program

 The Sears Shop Your Way platform also offers customers with an opportunity to earn points by shopping via the platform, and link other credit cards to earn via additional partners.

How to Earn Points in the Shop Your Way Program

 Here, we will be outlining the different mediums you can use to earn points in the Shop Your Way Program:

  • You can use your Sears Shop Your Way MasterCard® on everyday purchases with bonus category earnings (5-3-2-1 % back promo)
  • Shop at Sears and/or Kmart (no Sears card needed) and provide your member number, email, or phone number at checkout
  • Shop via the Shop Your Way platform (no Sears card needed)
  • You can use a “linked card” (like an alternative MasterCard or Visa card) at a participating partner location/website.

Now that you know how to earn points, go right ahead and earn points you can apply towards your next purchase.

Shopping at Sears or Kmart

 In-store, Shop Your Way rewards members, can only just give their account number, email address or phone number linked with the account, during checkout to earn points. Similarly, those who shop online can provide this at checkout.

Restrictions on some purchases may apply.

Shopping Via The Shop Your Way Platform

 This platform acts as a shopping portal, where members earn bonus points just by using it.

Once signed up to the program, customers can simply shop within the portal, to earn points via online partners.

Using a Linked Card at a Participating Partner Location/Website

 Another way to earn points is for members to link up to 5 eligible credit cards to the program (which includes some MasterCard’s and some Visa cards).

Once a cardholder makes a purchase with one of these cards at any participating partner (in-store or online)  points are earned and instantly added to the user’s account. This takes up to 7 days.

More Ways to Earn

  • Shop Your Way Program, advertises earning points via booking travel, riding with Uber, entering sweepstakes, utilizing special coupons, etc.

Shop Your Way VIP

 Shop Your Way, offers a VIP program based on rewards members reaching certain spending thresholds in a calendar year.

Multiple Purchases

  • VIP Silver: Make 11 purchases which total $800 in a calendar year
  • VIP Gold: 20 purchases which total $1,500 in a calendar year
  • VIP Platinum: 30 purchases which total $2,000 in a calendar year.

The terms and condition state that a shopper’s total balance is evaluated each week. If they qualify for a VIP status or to move up to the next VIP level, the status gets reflected in the shopper’s online account within 8 business days, and the Shopper gets notified by email within 14 days.

 Large Purchases

  • VIP Silver: Spend $2,500 in a calendar year
  • VIP Gold: Spend $5,000 in a calendar year
  • VIP Platinum: Spend $10,000 in a calendar year.

 Here, shoppers can attain VIP status, by meeting different requirements, depending solely on how much they get to spend in a calendar year. This medium, has a higher spending threshold, with no requirements on the number of purchases made per year. Customers can achieve this via fewer larger purchases over time.

 Using Your Rewards

 Immediately you earn rewards, you can redeem online or in-store at the following locations;

  • Sears
  • Sears Grand
  • Sears Essentials
  • Sears Hometown Stores
  • Sears Home Appliance Showroom. Sears Hardware, Sears Outlet
  • Sears Auto Centers
  • Kmart
  • Land’s End
  • mygofer

How to Manage Your Rewards

 The best way to manage your rewards is online via the Shop Your Way platform or through the mobile app (Apple, Android).

Sears Credit Card Customer Service Number

 Contact the customer care unit by calling the number listed on the card’s website, for enquires on Sears Credit Card Rewards. When you contact the customer support team, you’ll get further clarifications on what to do to earn, how to earn, as well as how to redeem your earnings.

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