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Seattlepi – News | Weather | Sports | Entertainment | Latest News | Seattle Post Intelligencer

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Seattlepi website provides headlines on Seattle local news, US & world news, traffic weather, business news Sports, real estate, photos and events. The platform is centered on providing Seattle news or information alone, it also goes as far as bringing breaking news from the US and around world. So, with seattlepi.com.


It also features a mix of original staff reporting, local profiles such as tech, climate and policy news, connecting to other great websites and journalism, community database, photo galleries, traffic, weather and news items to keep you connected daily.

Seattlepi – Seattle Post Intelligencer

The Seattle Post Intelligencer is an online Newspaper situated in Seattle, Washington, United States of America. It was founded in the year 1863 as the weekly Seattle Gazette, thus, it was later published daily in broadsheet format.

However, Seattle Post-intelligencer newspaper and Seattle Times, was long one of the city’s two newspapers until March 2009, when it became an online-only publication.

Seattlepi is a division of Hearst Seattle Media, which is a part of the Hearst Corp, a popular and world’s biggest diversified communication companies. Its focus and Interest is in publishing newspapers, magazine and book, radio and television broadcasting, cable network programming, newspaper distribution, television production & distribution and finally interactive media activities.


These are the various categories of news updates you will access on the platform.

  • Sports.
  • Weather.
  • Politics.
  • Real estate.
  • US and World.
  • Lifestyle.
  • Education etc.

 Seattle Sports

Seattlepi.com brings you exclusive Seattle sports news, scores and buzz featuring Sounders, Mariners, Seahawks, Storm and more sports news in US & around the world. The platform also keeps you updated with information or news concerning your favorite Sportsperson in the City, US and across the world. So to stay connected with sports news on this platform, you have to visit their website or get their mobile app for your Android or iOS device.

How to access Sports News

To access sports news, follow the steps below.

  • On your Android, computer device or iPhone, Open your Web browser.
  • Type in the following URL www.seattlepi.com.
  • On the Seattlepi official website, find the Sports button at the top of the page and hover on it.
  • A drop down menu will show on the screen  from there select the sports platform you want to access.  In case you didn’t find the one you want to access, kindly, tap on more sports.
  • Wait a little while for the sports news page to appear.

Above is how to easily access sports news.

Seattlepi Weather News

Find local news and outstanding weather updates for Seattle, Washington on this platform. It gives you the latest weather forecast from storm team and also maps and radar. You can get mobile app for easy and quick forecasts for your region and weather notifications based on your location.

How to access Weather News

Move over to their official page, using the link provided in the section above. On their page, look at the left top side of the page, you will see weather icon, it could be in form of a sun or moon, simply click on it. Then follow the prompt.


Stay connected with the Seattle politics info and updates at seattlepi.com. On this platform, you can find news on politics in Seattle, Washington.  So, for you to get this info, you need to take few steps to their website or download their mobile app. On their website, find the politics button, to access news on politics including election news.

Seattle Real Estate

 It offers business breaking news featuring real estate, Boeing, Microsoft Starbucks, Amazon and more.

To get information on Real estate features and partners, you need to visit their page, the direction below is a typical way to follow, to access the Real estate page at seattlepi.com.

Seattlepi US & World

US & World is part of the categories you will find at seattlepi news platform. The category provides you with news and information on happenings within US and across the globe. It features, crime, business, US, Asia, middle east, Latin America/Cambridge, Washington DC  Africa, Europe and Canada.

How to access US & World Category

Move to Seattletimes.com from their home screen, hover your cursor on “US & World” widget.

A drop down page comes up with various news sections, from the menu select the news type you want to access.


With this news website, you will get every important information focusing on lifestyle.  Under the lifestyle category, you will find content like

Home & Guardian, food & dining, travel, Reader blogs, visitors guide, health,

To access the any of the lifestyle page, simply move to their abode-page, hover on the “lifestyle” tab at the top of the screen. From there  choose the topic you want to access from the drop down menu.

Register with Seattlepi

For breaking news and headlines register seattlepi.com, here is how,

  • Progress to www.seattlepi.com
  • Move to the right top of the page and tap on “register” button.
  • Fill in the required registration data and follow the onscreen guide.

Above is how to register with the platform.

Seattlepi Login

Sign in to your account with seattlepi by visiting their official page.  Click on the “sign in” tab at the right top side of the homepage and follow the onscreen directives.

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