Set Up Pinterest Business Page

You can set up Pinterest Business Page for free, which can help you access Pinterest Analytics as well as other tools that can help grow your presence on Pinterest.

Set Up Pinterest Business Page

What are the benefits of setting up Pinterest Business Page?

  • Setting up Pinterest Business Account, is best for marketing, as it is decked with extra features, like Pinterest Analytics.
  • It comes with actionable insights, that people can learn about what they’ll want to see.
  • The Business Page rewards you with relevant results, and helps you get your ideas to people who are ready to discover and do what they love.
  • There’s visual innovation, which helps people get ideas from businesses, to figure out what to do or buy next.
  • With a business account, you can create ads on Pinterest that can help you grow your presence on Pinterest.

How do I Set Up Pinterest Business Page?

You can set up a business account, in seconds. All you need, is the basics, which is who you are, how you can be reached and what your business offers.

How do I switch to a business account?

  • You must first, convert to a business page, if you are operating a personal account. Switching from a personal account to a business account, is free, quick and easy.

How can I complete my profile?

  • Start by using your company logo, as your picture, so people can easily identify your Pins. Make sure, that the “About You” field explains the uniqueness of your business, to complete your profile.

How to Create a board

Set Up at least one board, before you start saving pins. Give every board a unique theme. Reflecton the topics that suits your business category and brand personality better, as you keepadding the boards.

Create Pins

Afte ryou’ve chosen your first board theme, youcan then start creating Pins for the board you’ve created. You are advised to start with few Pins, and take note of what works best. To easily make Pins, all you need do is, repurpose images you already have. Once you create your Pins, you can publish your Pins immediately, or schedule Pins in advance.

Get a wider coverage for your brands, company and products, reach people when they are making decisions as you set up Pinterest Business Page.


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