Should I Be Using A Credit Card?

Should I Be Using A Credit Card? A credit card comes with lots of advantages and disadvantages. Most financial experts try so hard to discourage people from using a credit card, the reason being that lots of people use a cc carelessly and end up having a pile-up of debt.

Should I Be Using A Credit Card?

However, if you can spend wisely using the card, why not go it. As a cardholder, you stand to gain outstanding rewards, points, miles, cash back, and many more depending on the cards featured and spec. Find out the perks you will enjoy with a CC and also discover the disadvantages that come with it, in this very article.

When to Use My Credit Card?

You can carry out your financial activities without using a credit card, but it’s a great idea to have a credit card. Nevertheless, it might be worth getting a credit card to build your credit rating- this gives you a high chance of getting a loan. As long as you pay your balance in full each month, it will help to improve or build your credit score. So, with a credit card, if you fail to pay off your debt each month, you will be charged an extra free.

Why to Use a Credit Card

There are many reasons you will need a credit card. Which one of them is that it will give you the confidence to make purchases. This means as a Cardmember, there’s nothing to fear when you want to make purchases because your credit card is ever ready to pay your bills.

Cardmembers are entitled to rewards, points, bonuses, and miles depending on the credit card after making qualifying purchases.

Advantages Of Credit Card

The list beneath is the advantages of having a credit card.

  • Get amazing rewards points. It is designed to allow Members to earn one or more points on every $1 they spend. These points earned are mostly redeemed for gift cards, travel, restaurant, etc.
  • Enjoy frequent flyer miles. Some travel credit card offers miles to users. You can earn miles inflight purchases.
  • It offers bonuses to members. Cardholders enjoy a one-time bonus, with some credit cards. Some cards offer bonus points to fresh cardholders on qualifying purchases with their card.
  • Offers cashback to users. the most credit card comes with cash back rewards when they make purchases using the card.
  • It helps to protect your money. With your credit card, you will hardly lose your money, even if your card is missing, as long as your card details are intact. You have nothing to fear
  • It gives users peace of mind. It comes with free additional consumer protection.
  • Cardholders, with a good credit report gotten from their credit card, can buy a car, or house and get you the best interest rates.
  • It offers free insurance

These are the advantages cardholders stand to enjoy with a credit card.

 Disadvantages Of Using A Credit Card

Everything that has an advantage will definitely have a disadvantage. Check out the following disadvantages of using a credit card.

  • Some cards come with an annual fee
  • Some businesses apply a surcharge when you pay using a credit card.
  • A credit card can lead to overspending
  • Some credit cards come with high rates of interest
  • it gives you credit damage when you missed repayments.
  • Some fraud schemes attack credit card.
  • Some credit card offers cashback fees and rates.

These are the basic disadvantages of using a credit card. for more visit this link. 

How To Use A Credit Card

To use a credit card you must log in to your account, most especially when you want to make payments. To login to your account do the following

  • Locate the credit card’s official website
  • Find the login tab and click on it.
  • Provide your login details.
  • Then, hit on the login button.
  • To pay your bills, find the pay/payment button and tap on it. Then provide the required data, which includes your account number, SSN, date of birth, amount, etc. Follow the onscreen directives.

These are steps to log into your account and make your bill payment.

Should I Use My Credit Card for Everything?

There are diverse reasons you need to use your credit card for everyday purchases, they’re as follows

  • Build your credit. You can do this by using your credit card often and also paying off your debt monthly.
  • Earn massive rewards. For credit that comes with rewards, the more eligible purchases you make, the more rewards you get.

These are some of the reasons you need to use your card for your everyday purchases.


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