Simple Construction Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Construction jobs have been one of the simplest jobs that people used to gain Visa Sponsorship in the United States and other countries in the world. You too can have that opportunity to work abroad because I would be starting Simple Construction Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in the USA.

The jobs that I would be stating for you below would be great jobs, and you wouldn’t want to miss them if you are interested in working in construction.

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How to Get a Construction Job

Before applying to get a construction job with a Visa sponsorship, you should at least be able to get one locally. And because of that, I would be giving you some important information concerning how to get a construction job. They include:

Create a Resume

First, you need to create a resume that not only aligns with the job that you want to get but also highlights your unique skills and strengths. Since you are not in possession of formal construction experience, you need to place your focus on any skill you feel could benefit your project and the employer.

Ask your Network

You need to sometimes reach out to see if anyone you know is able to get you started in the construction field. Being forthcoming about your career goals would make efficient use of your time and make sure that you locate the job that you are searching for.

Find Temp Work

Sometimes you need to consider signing up for a short-term position through a temp agency. Temp agencies can connect companies with people that are searching for opportunities on a short-term basis. All thanks to the wide variety of jobs that you can get with temp jobs, finding one would allow you to aim for valuable and diverse experience in the field of construction.

Look for manual labor jobs

When you begin your entry-level job search, make use of keywords like “general laborer” or “construction laborer” to locate relevant job opportunities. A lot of employers make use of terms like these to locate prospective employers that have only a small experience.

Consider an Apprenticeship

Sometimes you need to consider applying for an apprenticeship program as an aspiring construction employee. A lot of apprenticeships are offering on-the-job and classroom instruction that is related to the field.

Choose a Field

Once you have gained enough experience, determine which aspect of the industry you would like to place your focus on. And as you advance in the field, focus your job search on the construction specialties that you are interested in.

Entry Level Construction Jobs

Below I would be giving you a review of these entry-level positions, organized by national average salary if you are interested in working in construction and do not have any experience.


National average salary: $27,392 per year

What they basically do is direct traffic around construction sites. They also might put up safety traffic cones, hold a flag to wave cars through or instruct drivers to stop, report the license plate number of non-compliant motorists, and aid all the drivers safely following the rules of the area that surrounds the construction site while minimizing traffic jams.


National average salary: $32,357 per year

A laborer’s work is to assist members of a construction crew with their duties. They clean sites, unload materials, assemble and disassemble structures, dig trenches for piping and might need to prep the construction site before they start. The laborers also get to follow the blueprints and take instructions from the construction crew and managers in other to ensure that they are following the project’s plans.

Construction Inspector

National average salary: $38,785 per year

The basic duties of an inspector is to make sure that the structures a construction crew is building are safe and erected correctly.

Flooring Installer

National average salary: $42,063 per year

A flooring installer is given the responsibility for laying flooring in residences and other buildings. They might be given the duty of installing carpet, tile, wood, laminate or other materials depending on the blueprints of the project.


National average salary: $42,486 per year

The basic duty of a framer is working on the framing of buildings, which includes those for commercial or industrial use and residential homes.

Project coordinator

National average salary: $46,141 per year

A project coordinator is responsible for working with the project manager to make sure that the project is completed on time and within a budget.

Safety coordinator

National average salary: $46,182 per year

A safety coordinator assists the Safety manager to oversee the activities of the employees and visitors on the site. Their work is to ensure that everyone is following the safety standards and are aware of the state, local, and industry-specific safety regulations.

There are other positions like Roofer, Equipment operator, pipefitter, painter, solar technician, and more. Find out more at

H-2B Visas for Construction Workers

Truly, there is no other option better than the H-2B Visas for Construction workers. There are several classes of worker Visas, but at the moment, the only foreign worker visa available to U.S companies that allows them to bring in skilled and unskilled construction labor is the H-2B Temporary Non-Agricultural Workers Visa.

The Department of Labor involved in setting the rules for and administering the H-2B Visa program, limits H-2B Visas to 66,000 per year, with exemptions to the total for return workers or certain occupations.

Requirements to Qualify for H-2B Visas Program

To begin with, the open position is expected to be of a one-time or seasonal nature. The deal here is a short-term, temporary need,” Campanaro said. This requirement excludes any work that is available year-round.

Plus the construction work, this type of visa, is used to fill seasonal positions like those that open up once a year at summer or winter resort landscaping companies, hotels, and retail stores. Get more on the requirement here

H1B Visa Construction Jobs

There are hundreds of available jobs for construction workers abroad, and here I would be giving you some top jobs that would. Here we go.

Construction Worker 3

Location: Charlotte, NC
CDM Smith

They offer a wide range of support duties that involves site civil, process mechanical and underground utilities which include digging and spreading dirt in order to level earth to fine grade specifications, driving off-road haul trucks, grinding, sanding, or polishing surfaces, which include marble, terrazzo, or wood flooring, etc. Performs other duties as required.

Performs a variety of maintenance activities which includes lubricating machinery, stocking construction materials, decontaminating hazardous materials, etc.

More Details and Application

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Project Manager

Location: Olean, NY
Company: Siemens Energy

You get to manage projects as a business, with accountability for the management of the scope, schedule, budget, and risk of assigned projects for the supply of compressors or compressor parts for the Oil and Gas Industry in other to ensure successful project execution with predictable outcomes from order entry through the period of warranty.

More Details and Application

Simple Construction Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in USA

Field Project Controls Manager – Homestead, FL

Location: Homestead, FL
Company: Black & Veatch Corporation

At Black & Veatch, our employee-owners would go far beyond the project. For over a century, we have been breaking down social, economic, and geographic barriers by making life’s critical resources accessible to all. Working with us, you would help offer critical expertise as we, along with our valued clients, deliver solutions that positively impact communities around the world. With our valued clients, we deliver solutions that would positively impact communities all around the world.

More Details and Application

Construction Specialist 1

Location: Charlotte, NC
Company: CDM Smith

The following duties would be carried out in any combination of time based on the type of construction project and where the project is in the construction lifecycle: Supervises and directs overall project activities just as assigned. It offers technical, field, and site administration direction to field personnel. Prepares and reviews submittals. Issues construction documents and layouts to field crews. Prepares and interprets specifications and drawings for men and superintendents.

More Details and Application

Installation Manager

Location: Marshalltown, IA
Company: Mechdyne Corporation

As a field Project Manager, you would be the on-site go-to person between Mechdyne and our clients. Your main focus would be helping your team plan day-to-day project activities while working closely with engineering and installation teams, maintaining all projects related to schedules and budgets. And you should be prepared to immerse yourself into projects and enable each day.

More Details and Application

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Construction Specialist 1

Location: Charlotte, NC
Company: CDM Smith

The following duties would be carried out in any combination of time based on the type of construction project and where the project is in the construction lifecycle: Supervises and directs overall project activities as assigned. Provides technical, field, and site administration direction to field personnel.

More Details and Application

Transportation Construction Contracts Specialist

Location: Atlanta, GA
Company: HNTB Corporation

They are searching for experienced individuals who can work as part of a project management team for one or more large innovative delivery projects under the Georgia major mobility investment program. Member of an owner’s representative team providing contractor administration expertise strongly preferred.

More Details and Application

Professional Commercial Painter (A3)

Location: Erlanger, KY
Company: DHL

Our People we are aware that each of the employee’s individual contributions would make them the #1 express delivery and logistics company in the world.

DHL Express is committed to maintaining an environment that empowers every team member to make the greatest possible impact on our business. Our corporate culture is about personal commitment – to our business, to each other, and to our global communities. DHL is dedicated to being a great place to work. To add to competitive compensation packages, our employees enjoy a range of programs, services, and benefits that is offering the best to their personal lives.

More details and Application

Project Coordinator

Location: Anaheim, CA 92805
Company: rp Visual Solutions

Join their teams as a project coordinator and you would be a major point of contact for our clients to rely on between the point of sale and the completion of the installation. Professional and courteous communication is key to success in this role. You would maintain conversations between our teams and our clients, dealer, architects, AV consultants, and general contractors that would ensure a smooth transition from production, to shipping, to installation.

More Detail and Application

Positioning & Controls Engineer

Location: Mossville, IL
Company: Caterpillar

It does not matter if it is a groundbreaking product, best-in-class solutions, or creating a lifelong career, you can carry out the work that matters at the caterpillar. With a 95-year legacy of quality and innovation and 150 locations in countries around the world, your impact spans the globe.

More Details and Application

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