Skype Conference Call | Best way to Conference call on Skype

Skype Conference Call gives you room to connect to more than one person at the same time. With skype you will enjoy the conference call feature like no other platform.  It keeps you connected with friends, family members, team members, and more just like in real-time.

Skype Conference Call

Skype Conference Call

Skype Conference Call is simply a call that involves more than two individuals on Skype. However, with this feature, there’s nothing like distance.  Distance is not a barrier, you can have a group meeting or discussion with individuals in different locations.

you can use this platform for business, by holding business meetings on the platform as long as your business partners are on Skype.

With skype large organizations with population can also take advantage of the conference call system, the platform provides an option for such organizations to connect to one another using conference calls.

It did not end there, do you know you can see the face of others at the other end with the video call feature. Users can also send messages also.

Sign up for Skype

Proceed to

Click on the “sign-in” tab

Select create an account

Enter your name, email address

Confirm your email

Go through the term of service and the privacy statements

Click to continue to create an account. If you want to get the app, tap on “Download Skype” and proceed to install it on your device.

Best way to Conference Call on Skype

You might have heard or read about Skype Conference Call feature and you want to try it out but you don’t know how?  The procedure below will guide and give you all you need to make Skype Conference Call.

How To make Skype Conference Call

Click on the Skype App on your device

Sign in to your account by providing the necessary data.

select the “contacts” tab, a menu will display on the screen.

Click on “Add a contact” from the pop-up menu.

Key in the data of a user in the box and click on the “Add” button

The contact will show on the screen, click on the add tab again to include the contact on your skype account.

Follow the same way you added this user to add as many users as you want.

Tap on the plus icon to create a group for your conference call.

After creating a group you will see the list of all the contact you added to your account, then begin to add the contact you want to Conference call.

To make voice calls select the blue phone icon while the “video” icon for video calls.


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