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Skype Login gives you access to Skype platform for outstanding communication experience. Skype is an online telecommunication system that allows you connect to people via voice & video calls, instant messaging, chat etc. The platform comes with exciting features to give you a great communication experience.

Skype Login

Skype Login Online

Go to the main page at

Click on the sign in button at the top of the page

From the menu select “my account” or “ Skype Login Online” button

On the sign-in page enter your email, phone number or Skype and then tap on the text widget it will take you to the page where you will provide your account password, from there you can now access your account.

Skype Login with security key

On the login page, scroll down and click on “sign in with a security key” tab

Your device will open a security page where you will enter your security key and then follow other onscreen directives.

How to login with GitHub

Click on the “other sign-in options” link from the login screen.

On the next page “select “sign in with GitHub” widget

Then enter your username or email

On empty column under, Input your password and sign in. If you forgot your password click on “forgot password”

Login with Google

Go to the Skype login platform

Move down and tap on the “sign-in options” link

Select the “sign in with Google” button

Enter your login details or select your account if you are already signed in to your device.

Skype Login Problems

If you’re having issues accessing your account, you have to make sure that you’re using the latest Skype version, that your device meets the minimum requirements for running the software and that you have the current software updates and hardware drives for your PC.

However, there are other things to can contribute to your login problems which include not remembering your account username or password. If that is the case read the sections below.

How to recover your username

Move to Skype Login page

Navigate downward and click on the “more sign-in options” button

Scroll to the bottom and tap on “forgot my username” widget

You will be requested to input a phone number or alternate email that is connected to your Microsoft account.

You will receive a message with a code via your phone number or email address you used.

Fill in the code and select the next tab Click on the “sign-in” next to the account you want to recover.

How To change or reset Forgotten Password

If you forgot your skype password perform the following action

Move to the login screen and select forgot my password tab. It will take you to the recovery page.

On the recovery screen, provide your email, phone number or Skype in the appropriate field with an additional email that will be used to reach you.

Submit the data you entered. It might about 24 hours to confirm your data.


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