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Skyscanner Login – how to recover your Login Password?

Skyscanner Login is an act of accessing your Skyscanner account. Thus there are several ways you can get to your account, it can be through email, Google or Facebook. Therefore, you will learn how to login using this medium in this article.

skyscanner login
Skyscanner login

What is Skyscanner? 

Maybe you have been hearing about Skyscanner, but you don’t know what it means, Skyscanner is an Internet travel search engine, that finds the best flight with great prices with its comprehensive technology. What you need is to enter the necessary data in the Skyscanner site, then fold your arm and watch as it does the searches for you.

The company was established in 2001. Its aim is to help you save money, by finding the lowest priced flights for you.

Skyscanner Login benefits

Accessing your account lets you view your recent searches on your device

Login and set up price alerts

Find out the best traveling flights around you

Different Skyscanner Login medium

To access your account is not a difficult thing to do, the flight search website offers three different ways you can log in to your account without stress, read the details below

Login with email

On your device browser, browse for

On its home page, scroll to the right top and choose the “login” link

Move down and select “email” icon

Key in your email address and password on the empty spaces

Click on login button beneath.

Login with google

Go to

Tap on the “login” tab above

Scroll down and then choose the red color “Google” icon

Select your account, if you’ve previously login to your Google account with the device you are using otherwise enter your Google account login details.

Access account using Facebook

Progress to Skyscannerhome page at

Click on login widget at the top

Go down, you will see the Facebook icon, tap on it.

If you’ve not login to Facebook with the phone or PC you’re using, enter your Facebook Sign in credentials. After the above task is completed, Skyscanner will receive your name and profile pic and email.

For first-timers, the information you Key in to access your account happens when it’s your first time logging into your account. So it will be easier next time you want to sign in as long as the “Remember me” box is ticked.

How to recover Skyscanner Login Password?

To recover your password, right on the login page, you will see the “forgot password” tab, select it.  But you must enter your email address and then follow the prompt to regain your password.

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