Skyscanner Review | how to use skyscanner search

Skyscanner Review in this write-up is all about Skyscanner. I will be exploring what the subject matter is all about, it’s pros and cons and how to use it to find the lowest priced flights. All these are what you will find in this article, so if you don’t want to miss out, read to the end.

skyscanner review
Skyscanner review

About Skyscanner

It has an outstanding proprietary technology that can connect people to everything the travel company has to offer. They also have a free mobile app to make booking travel easier for travelers.

The company offers a comprehensive flight, hotel and car hire options for their customers.

Thus, The website has been owned by the largest online travel agency in China, which is Ctrip. It was founded by Barry Smith, BonamyGrimes and Gareth Williams in the year 2001.

However,  the Skyscanner is free, there are no traveler commission charges associated to it.

How does it work

Skyscanner is a flight search website. When you visit the site and enter you’re the necessary travel information, living it over to Skyscanner. The website scans and rates many airlines to find the cheapest and the best.  So from the results, you can now choose the flight you want to travel with. Proceed to the airline site and make your booking.

Skyscanner Pros

  • The website alerts you when the best deal flights to and from your destination are available.
  • Skyscanner lets you search for flights from the country. It means that the flight search is not limited to a specific airport or city.
  • It helps travelers find budget-friendly last minute flights.
  • With this flight search engine, You can find the cheapest flight around you.
  • Offers email notifications of price fluctuations for people without a set date and destination

Skyscanner Cons

  • Sometimes when you find a great flight price in Skyscanner, when you go for booking at the airline, it might turn out to be invalid.
  • There’s no update on their monthly calendar. The price it displays is based on people’s previous searches.
  • It does not bring out the cheapest option all the time, so you have to check other search website and compare.

How To use Skyscanner search

The procedure below will teach you how to use the Skyscanner to find the best flights from your location.

The first thing is to login to your account at

  • Navigate to Skyscannerhome screen, select your departure dates and location. If you want to access wide results, just ignore“from” and “to” fill-in box to any airport in the location
  • Select cabin class and number. So, for city hopping hit the “multi-city” button
  • You will see the results placed according to the best I price flights.
  • Set up a price alert, if you don’t want to book for flight at the moment, to keep you in touch on price changes.

Conclusion on Skyscanner Review

With what you’ve read above concerning the Skyscanner flight search service, you will notice it’s Pros are more than the Cons, not only that, it has a good rating system for quality online travel agency. Therefore, you can rely on it for quality results.


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