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Smith’s REWARDS World Mastercard® – How to Apply

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How would you love to earn unlimited rewards for every 1,000 points =$5 in free groceries? Smith’s REWARDS World Mastercard® gives you just that. A unique card issued by U.S Bank to reward cardmembers with free groceries on eligible net purchases at Smith’s stores. Cardmembers also get fuel savings with everyday purchases with an easy application requirement that can be done in minutes.

Smith’s REWARDS World Mastercard® - How to Apply

To earn rewards with the Smith’s REWARDS World Mastercard, your account must be open and in good standing for you to earn and redeem rewards and benefits which is subject to credit approval.

Smith’s REWARDS World Mastercard®

The Smith’s REWARDS World Mastercard is the same as other Kroger branded credit cards issued by the U.S. Bank. This means that cardholders earn three points for every eligible dollar spent on own-brand products from the Kroger brands (like Fry’s or Fred Meyer), two points per eligible dollar spent at any Kroger company (not for fuel purchases), and a single point for every other dollar spent on purchases elsewhere.

Smith’s REWARDS World Mastercard Benefits

With this traditional credit card, you get all the protections and perks you’d expect from a Mastercard. Let’s see them:

  • Cardholders do not pay an annual fee.
  • Offers unlimited rewards. Every 1,000 points = $5 in free groceries.
  • There’s 1 point for eligible net $1 spent anywhere Mastercard is accepted.
  • 2 points per eligible net $1 spend in the Kroger Family of Companies (excluding fuel centers).
  • Enjoy 3 points per eligible net $1 on the Kroger Family of Companies Own Brand Products.
  • Earn free groceries with every eligible net purchase.
  • Cardholders earn 5% cashback on eligible net purchases in Smith’s stores.
  • There’s an additional 25¢ off per gallon for one year each time you redeem at least 100 fuel points at participating Kroger Family of Companies Fuel Centers.

These are all amazing benefits that can help you get rewards for your everyday purchases.

Smith’s REWARDS World Mastercard Application

To apply for the Smith’s REWARDS World credit card:

  • Head over to https://applications.usbank.com/oad/apply.personal.controller?method=start.
  • Scroll to the personal information field and enter the following information: Shopper’s card number, first name, middle name, last name, suffix, date of birth, social security number, country of citizenship, primary phone number, mobile phone number, and email address.
  • For the housing information section, enter the following information: Physical address, suite/unit #, housing status, monthly payment.
  • For the income and employment section, enter the following: employment status, total annual income, and source of total annual income.
  • Review the terms and conditions of the credit card.
  • Click on the ‘I accept the Terms and Conditions’.
  • Then click on the ‘Submit link.

You can now shop and earn at the same time as your card.

Smith’s REWARDS World Mastercard Login

To log in and access your credit card account:

It’s as simple as stated above to login and accesses your online account.

Smith’s Rewards World Mastercard Activation

Activating your credit card requires you to contact the customer service center by phone or register at the card’s website to activate your card online.

Smith’s REWARDS World Mastercard User ID and Password Recovery

Follow to recover your lost account password and user ID.

  • Visit https://onlinebanking.usbank.com/Auth/Login?usertype=KROSMI&redirect=login.
  • Click on the ‘Forgot ID’ link.
  • If you choose a personal account.
  • Then you have to choose either phone or email to help US banks to know how to look for your profile.
  • If it is through phone, you have to enter the last 4 digits of SSN.
  • Then click on the ‘Continue’ link.
  • For your password, enter your ID and last 4 digits of SSN.
  • Then tap on the ‘Continue’ link.

These simple steps will help you retrieve your ID and Password.

Smith’s REWARDS World Mastercard® Payment

At times, we do wonder if credit cards can be used for making online payment like our bill’s payments. The answer is yes when it comes to this particular credit card. Payments can be made in different ways; we have the first one making payment online.

  • Scroll to the login page.
  • Log in online.
  • On your account homepage under the ‘Bill Payments’ tab.
  • Choose ‘Pay the US Bank account’.
  • Choose the account you want to pay from.
  • Select the frequency, either a one-time payment or recurring payment to set up Autopay.
  • Complete the payment data and tap on the ‘Continue’ widget.
  • Review the payment details.
  • Click on the ‘Submit’ link.

For Phone Payment

  • You can set up a phone pay.
  • Get your card number ready.
  • Then call the card’s customer support team number to get directions on how to make your payment.

To Mail Payment

To mail your payment, you can do so by forwarding your payment to US Bank mailing address. Here we have the second payment method which is the payment by mails. Making your payment is easy, it can be done in minutes.

Smith’s REWARDS World Mastercard Customer Service

For more details and answers to your questions, you can contact the US Bank customer service by calling at the phone number listed on the back/front of your credit card or visit the official website for more details.

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