Sony Reveals Project Q Streaming Device and PlayStation Earbuds

Sony Reveals Project Q Streaming Device and PlayStation Earbuds. In Sony’s PlayStation showcase, they unveiled a new handheld device. Just as suspected previously, Project Q is not a standalone device like that of the PlayStation Vita but instead, it is a streaming handheld that would be reliant on the users of the PS5 console.

Sony Reveals Project Q Streaming Device and PlayStation Earbuds

The handheld device is expected to make use of remote play and connect to the console by making use of a Wi-Fi network. Also, you would be able to make use of it to stream almost any PS5 game on your own.

Sony Reveals Project Q Streaming Device

The devices look like a Dualsense controller that has been split in two by a tablet. The screen at the center is an 8-inch diagonal measurement and an “HD” resolution. According to Sony, the device packs “All of the buttons and features of the Dualsense Wireless controller.

Seeing as it is a streaming device and not just a standalone unit, the games that you would be playing on Project Q would have to be installed on your PlayStation 5. As stated by Sony, VR games get excluded from the playable list. Beyond the screen size, the vague mention of it being “HD,” and it carrying the features with Sony’s premier gamepad, little else was unveiled concerning the showcase. Sony stated that more would be revealed in time to come. Missing details include the battery life, the screen’s exact resolution, additional features, and its real name.

We Should Be Expecting a PlayStation Earbuds

In addition to Project Q, Sony’s PlayStation Showcase revealed another hardware offering. The company introduced a set of wireless earbuds that promise to deliver a heightened audio experience on both the console and PC, referred to as “next-generation audio immersion.” These earbuds, available in white and black, boast a compact design that complements the aesthetics of the console. Furthermore, they conveniently fit inside a matching case, which not only stores them but likely charges the earbuds as well.

The earbuds are expected to “Deliver lossless audio with low latency” as stated by Sony, and can be connected to smartphones via Bluetooth. The PS5 console’s advanced Bluetooth connection, which is already present, or the dongle that comes with it may provide lossless audio and low latency features. Price and battery life are among the other details that have yet to be revealed. Likewise with Venture Q, Sony claims it will educate us really concerning the impending headphones soon.


While Project Q remains one of the most exciting announcements from this Year’s PlayStation Showcase, and tons of details on the device are yet to emerge, some of fans might be disappointed. Streaming handhelds usually have their uses, but it may not have been what the Portable PlayStation many fans were wishing to get.

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