Soundcloud Free Music

Soundcloud Free music is a social website designed for users to listen and also share music. This is the best place for people who loves music to find and listen to music of their choice for free. You can access soundcloud for free on Android and iOS devices.However to access this platform and enjoy every bit of this service, you must create a soundcloud account.

soundcloud free music
soundcloud free music

Soundcloud free music app Content

These are menu you can find in the app,

  • The “home” menu is known as individual personal news feed, where tracks of post are displayed. Here you can decide to listen to , like, save or re-post music.
  • Search tab enables users to find a particular track or music to save time.
  • The collection section, it’s where your profile is, a place you can find all your likes, playlist and more.
  • Music player button enables you to listen to music and also navigate to other sections within the app.
  • Stream arrow allows users to browse and find music tracks that are trending

How To Use soundcloud

To Sign in and use the soundcloudapp is not a difficult task. Every feature in the app is very easy to use. So I will show you some basic actions, you will want to take in the app and how to take the actions,

  • Upload music
  • Download /buy music
  • Send message to fellow Users
  • Join groups

How To upload soundcloud music

To upload your own music, move to the top of the screen and tap on “upload” tab.It takes you to your music file. Find the track you want and post.

How To download/buy music

When you see a track you have interest in, within the website,it must display an action which says buy or download button. Simply hit on the button. Note, some music can download for free, depending.

How To send message to fellow Users

If you access soundcloud using the app, to chat with other users is not supported currently. But you can do that from soundcloud website.

How To Join groups in soundcloud

This is a platform where users share music they like for other group members to access. So to add yourself to the group,on the websites tap on your name and then click on “groups” tab.  You can find multiple groups on this section , just locate the one you like, then join.


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