Soundcloud Web | How to upload & download songs from SoundCloud

Soundcloud Web. Soundcloud allows you to upload, promote and share audio online. It provides a large streaming service available on Web, desktop and mobile devices, that reach over 175 million users across the globe. However, SoundCloud has influenced the music industry by producing many artists who emerged from the music sharing platform.

soundcloud web

Soundcloud Web

Users can access SoundCloud on Web, desktop and in-app. In as much as the platform finds it difficult to manage their desktop application in conjunction with their mobile and Web version.

years ago SoundCloud has been attempting to create desktop client that is equivalent to their money apps but to no avail. But in the year 2017, it succeeded in releasing SoundCloud for Windows, though it was missing so many features that the previous desktop app has.

On this Soundcloud web, you can upload songs for free and your song can be prompted on the platform. Do you know that you can also make money or get paid as well on the platform? If you are good at music there’s every possibility that you will be famous, because there’s a possibility that the songs you posted will be shared with other online music streaming platforms. Is a big opportunity for you to become a star, why not go over to their homepage and create an account and see your self become famous without stress.

How to Create a Soundcloud Web account

Proceed to your Web browser and search for

  • Click on the button that says “create account”
  • Provide your email address and click continue.
  • Key in your password.
  •  then tap the sign up tab.

How to access your Account on Web

  • Launch your Web browser
  • Progress to
  • Scroll to the page-top and click on the sign-up button
  • Key in your email and continue
  • Enter your password and you are set to go.

How to upload and download soudcloud web music

I will be showing you a few steps on how to post songs or download songs from this platform, kindly read the sections beneath.

How To upload music

  • To upload your own song,Sign in to your account
  • Scroll to the top of the screen and click on “upload” widget . It willtake you straight to your music file.
  • Locate the song or music you want and post.

How To download songs

  • Go to your account, when you comeacross a track you like in, it displays an action which says buy or download
  • Simply hit on the buy or download button. Just know that is not all songs is free on this platform.


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