Square Cash – Square Cash App Download – Square Cash Registration

Square Cash is a phone payment service that enables people to send and receive money. was developed by Square, Inc. If you want to transfer money instantly, square Cash is here for you.

square cash

Square Cash App Download

For you to send and also transfer money with the square Cash, you need to download and install the app. Follow the procedure below.

  • Proceed to the app store or play store on your phone
  • On the search tool, enter the “Cash App” and search. will show the “Cash app” on the screen.
  • Click on install and then launch the app.

Square Cash Registration

A procedure people who want to join square cash go through to become members. So to register for this service, check the following quick steps,

  • Open Cash app
  • key in your mobile phone number or email
  • Form your username also know as Cashtag
  • Link your bank account or debit card details with the square cash

Square Cash Send Money

Take the following steps to send or transfer money,

  • Launch the cash app You installed.
  • Enter the amount you want to send in the number pad on the screen page.
  • Select the “pay” widget
  • Add your mobile number, email address or username/$Cashtag State the reason for the money you want to transfer
  • Navigate and tap on the “Pay” button

How to Receive Money

If you want to receive the money transferred to you in square Cash, proceed with the following instructions to accept the payment.

Accept payment

  • Accept payment. On the app, select the notification button, at the top-right of the screen. Click on the “accept” widget close to the pending payment. Confirm and tap the “Done” tab.
  • Locate the account balance page.in the app, you will see a dollar number at the page top, tap to open the account balance. thus right on the account balance page, press on “cash-out” tab

Select the Medium of Payment

  • Choose between “standard” or“instant” options. Note, if you tap on “standard” it will take a few days to send the money into your bank account. But if you choose “instant” tab, it sends the money immediately without delay but you will be charged for it.
  • Choose your bank. Ensure you link your bank account with cash app if you have not done so. Choose your Bank name from the menu displayed. Note, if your bank did not show, go ahead and add it, by selecting the “others” button.


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