Startup Programs In Mac/ How to Add & Remove

Startup programs are items that runs automatically at the background when you boot your system. for instance, documents,applications and so on. These programs are launched anytime you login to your Mac. So in this article you will learn how to add them and also how you can disable this items from running as Startup.

startup programs

Different ways of Adding Startup programs

  • Add, using system Preferences
  • Use Dock Menu to add a program
  • Drag and Drop Procedure

How To Add Using Startup Items

  • Login To Mac, using the account you want to associate with Startup programs.
  • Move to the Apple menu
  • Select, system Preferences” tab. On the system Preferences window, click on “users & Groups” widget
  • Move to the left corner of the window, then choose the user you want to add to Startup Items
  • Click on the “login” items button
  • To make changes, tap on the “lock” icon below
  • Enter username and password, then unlock.  This steps is to Users group preferences
  • Scroll down to the left side of the window, then Pres on the “+” icon to add Startup Items
  • When standard finder browsing sheet opens,  then move towards the program you want to open at startup and tap to select
  • Tap on the “add” tab, then it will be included on the startup login list.  So, anytime you boot your system it automatically launches

How To Use Menus To Add Startup programs

You can include startup programs, if you have the program already in Dock

  • Go to “dock Menus”. Right click the “Dock” icon
  • Tap on “options” button, then choose“start at login”from the menu

How To use Drag and drop Method

There are some Mac programs that allows drag and drop method.  So to do this, all you need to do is to

  • Click and hold on the item
  • Drag the item to the startup list
  • After adding programs, then you can now close the “ system Preferences window”

How To Remove Startup programs

If you want to stop applications from launching when you boot your system.  You can do that by downloading an app known as CleanMyMacx

  • Firstly, download CleanMyMac app
  • Install and launch the application
  • Navigate and click on “optimization” widget
  • Pres on “login items” button
  • A list of applications will be displayed on the page, then go ahead and remove the once you don’t want to be includes as Startup Items and you are good to go

Disable items manually

  • Navigate to “system preference” tab
  • Move to “Users & Groups” widget
  • Select nickname
  • Click on “login items” tab.then Find the programs you want to remove and “Tick” the empty box next to it
  • Scroll down, then tap on “➖” sign


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