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Steps To Take if Your Stolen or Lost Credit Card

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Lost Credit Card can affect you emotionally. When you loose your credit card this may cause plenty damage, especially one with a high credit limit or one that has a lot of credit still available. Acting fast is the quickest solution. Below are the actions to take when you loose or your credit card is stolen:

Lost Credit Card

Contact Your Credit Card Company 

In face with this situation, the first thing to be done is to contact your credit card issuers, report your Lost credit card. You can always get their contact number at the back of your card. Since the card is stolen, go search search the number on the copy of your credit card statement. Report on their website or at any of their branch closets to you.

There is a need to act fast to report before a fraudulent or authorized transaction is taken on your credit card. A token of $50 is the most you may pay. 

Get Your Information Ready 

When you make your report to your card issuer, your identity would be verified. You’re be asked for your name, address and social security number. The date of the credit card lost or when you notice that it was missing, your last charge, recent transactions may be reviewed to be sure they are dealing with the right person. Your account would be cancel and a new credit card mail to you with a new account number. Ensure that you update your mobile wallet if it’s includes the lost card as the mode of payment. 

However, replacing your card does not affect your credit score or report. 

Always Follow Up Records

It is mandatory to follow up on the card issuers company after you might have report on your list or Stolen credit card. Send a letter or an email  including your account number, the date and time you notice your card was missing, time and mode of reports of lost to your card issuer. Keep all this means of reports for yourself also. 

Keep Checking Your Credit Card Statement 

After, reporting to your credit card issuers, keep monitoring your credit card statement. If you find any charges that looks fraudulent, put a call through to your card issuers immediately. 

Check Your Insurance Coverage 

Some insurance polices covers for Credit card theft such as homeowners and renters. In case of lost or stolen credit card check your insurance policy to see the amount covers. It important to note that, some credit card issuers offers zero liability as a card features. 

How To prevent future Stolen or Lost credit card

It is a necessary to guard your credit card and keep it safe at all times. Few steps to ensure against credit card future lost 

  • Always go out with credit card that you need at present 
  • Ensure that you placed your card safely in your purse or wallet 
  • Cut through the account number when disposing an old credit cards
  • Keep all your credit card information safe including account number, expiration dates, customers Care center telephone numbers for each issuers. 
  • Always check on your credit card statements on arrival, check for unauthorized charges
  • Guard your account number. Write it down and store in a safe place or location 
  • Avoid telling someone your credit card number over the phone unless you are the one calling and ensure no one is eavesdropping. 

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