Stolen Credit Cards: What To Do When Your Credit Card Is Stolen

Stolen Credit Cards. My Credit Card Has Been Stolen, What Do I Do? When you realize your credit card was stolen, or you lost your purse/wallet is good to act fast. In a situation like this, fraudsters gain access to your account details.  Acting fast will helps to prevent fraudulent activity on your CC.

However, knowing how important a credit card is, it will be heartbreaking to hear it’s missing. When you find yourself in a similar situation, then you must take a stop immediately. This write-up will provide list of options on what to do when you lose or misplace your CC. So endeavour to read to the end.

Stolen Credit Cards

My Credit Card Has Been Stolen, What Do I Do?

losing your credit card may cause lots of damages, especially those ones with a high credit limit or one that has a lot of credit still available. If you’re wondering what to do if your CC is stolen, here are steps to take

  1. Block your credit card
  2. Call on your CC Customer Service
  3. Get your CC info ready
  4. Follow up records
  5. Always check your card statement
  6. Always check your insurance coverage

Block Your Credit Card Temporarily

This option is great most especially when you’re are not sure if the card is stolen. With this option, if you find your card, you can easily unblock it.

Call On your CC Customer Service Agents

When your CC is stolen, the first thing to do is to call on your credit card issuer, to report your missing or lose the card. You might be wondering how to get their phone number. You can always get their phone number at the back of your card. But since the card is stolen, go to your CC statement or online to find their customer service phone number. You can also report on their website or at any of their branch closest to you.

Get Your Credit Card Info Ready – Stolen Credit Cards

When you report your stolen cc to your card issuer, there is major Info you’ll need to verify your identity. Thus, you’ll be asked your name, address and social security number (SSN), the date of the credit card lost or when you notice that it was missing. Your last charge details might also be required for them to be sure they are dealing with the right person.

Follow Up Records

It’s important to always follow up after reporting your loss. Members can send a letter or an email including their account number, the date and time you notice your card was missing, time and mode of reports of loss to your card issuer.

Check Your Credit Card Statement

After, reporting your CC to your credit card customer service Representative, always ensure you check or review your credit card statement. During this process, if you find any charges that look like a scam, put a call through to your card issuers without wasting time.

Go Through Your Insurance Coverage

Some renter’s and homeowner’s insurance policies cover credit card theft. Thus, in the case of lost or stolen CC check your insurance policy to see the amount covers. You should also note that some credit card issuers offer zero liability as card features.


So when you lose your CC, hasten to inform your credit card issuer, so as to avoid fraudulent activities from taking place.

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