Technical Writer Job in USA with Visa Sponsorship – Apply Now

Technical writer jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship are well sought after. You can apply for this opportunity even as a foreigner if you possess good technical writing skills.

Technical Writer Job in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Whether you like it or not, technical writing is everywhere we turn, from the instruction manual in that new product you bought to the B2B sales pitch that arrived in your inbox and many others.

Thus, the need for technical writers cannot be overemphasized as every company needs one of them. Now if you are a technical writer then you are just in luck.

Keep reading this article to find out all you need to know about applying for a job as a technical writer with visa sponsorship.

Job Description of a Technical Writer in the USA

The job of a technical writer is not a static one but majorly depends on the industry or company you are employed with as a technical writer.

However, the most important task of a technical writer is creating technical documentation from style guides to user manuals and API documentation. As earlier stated, it all depends on the industry you are in.

Irrespective of the industry you are in, technical writers will explain products, processes, and services. They will also research to come up with ideas.

They write to direct, instruct, or explain and that is why they are referred to as technical communicators.

They write reports and instruction manuals, how-to guides, journal articles, and other related publications that provide technical information.

Technical writers can comprehend difficult technological concepts and have a strong knowledge of file management as well as document control.

They use a content management system to publish their work with several design software to create graphics or illustrations that can help further explain the technical concept.

They use skills such as HTML and other user experience design. They also research, write, and edit.

Technical writers use multiple digital tools to assess the scope of a project, sort through existing documentation, and even interview experts on the subject matter they are writing on.

Technical writers organize the available information found and proceed to create and edit technical documents while maintaining the use of technical terms.

They are often called upon to write portions of grants as well as make requests for proposals (RFP) to help turn the research of groups into documentation for the use of the company.

Highest Paying Technical Writer Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship

Technical writer jobs can come in several ways as the field is quite wide, below are some of the jobs you can get as a technical writer as well as the average salary you will be paid:

Software Documentation Writer

Software documentation writers create user guides, manuals, tutorials, and other documentation for software products. They often work closely with software developers and engineers to understand technical details. Average Salary: $71,000 per year.

Technical Editor

Technical editors review and edit technical documents for accuracy, clarity, and style. They may also provide feedback to writers to improve the quality of documentation. Average Salary: $60,000 per year.

Medical Writer

Medical writers produce documentation for healthcare-related products and services, including clinical trial reports, regulatory documents, and patient education materials. They need a strong understanding of medical terminology and regulatory requirements. Average Salary: $83,000 per year.

Instructional Designer

Instructional designers create training materials, such as online courses, videos, and interactive modules, to teach users how to use products or software. They often collaborate with subject matter experts and multimedia specialists. Average Salary: $65,000 per year.

Information Developer

Information developers focus on organizing and presenting complex technical information clearly and understandably.

They may create documentation for various audiences, including end-users, developers, and system administrators. Average Salary: $75,000 per year.

Policy and Procedure Writer

Policy and procedure writers develop documentation that outlines organizational policies, procedures, and guidelines. They may work in industries such as healthcare, finance, or government. Average Salary: $65,000 per year.

Grant Writer

Grant writers prepare proposals and applications to secure funding for nonprofit organizations, research projects, or educational initiatives. They need strong writing skills and the ability to communicate the impact of the proposed project. Average Salary: $57,000 per year.

Technical Marketing Writer

Technical marketing writers create marketing collateral, such as whitepapers, case studies, and product datasheets, that communicate the features and benefits of technical products or services to potential customers. Average Salary: $72,000 per year.

Regulatory Writer

Regulatory writers specialize in preparing documentation for regulatory submissions to government agencies, such as the FDA. They ensure compliance with relevant regulations and guidelines. Average Salary: $85,000 per year.

Freelance Technical Writer

Freelance technical writers work on a contract basis, providing documentation services to clients across various industries. They may specialize in specific subject areas or types of documentation. Average Salary: Varies depending on experience and project scope, but can range from $50,000 to $100,000 or more per year.

Top Companies for Technical Writers in the US

There are companies where technical writers are needed and employed for their services. Some of these companies will be listed below for you to apply for them:


The average Salesforce Technical Writer’s yearly pay in the United States is approximately $138,048, which is 88% above the national average.


Average SM&A Technical Writer hourly pay in the United States is approximately $70.15, which is 198% above the national average.


The average Technical Writer’s yearly pay in the United States is approximately $98,954, which is 34% above the national average.


The average GovCIO Technical Writer’s yearly pay in the United States is approximately $78,151, which is 6% above the national average.

Northrop Grumman

The average Northrop Grumman Technical Writer yearly pay in the United States is approximately $72,649, which meets the national average.

Devcare Solutions

Average Devcare Solutions Technical Writer hourly pay in the United States is approximately $39.84, which is 69% above the national average.

Dexian DISYS

Average Dexian DISYS Technical Writer hourly pay in the United States is approximately $38.93, which is 65% above the national average.


Average Perspecta Technical Writer’s yearly pay in the United States is approximately $58,855, which is 20% below the national average.

Highest Paying Cities for Technical Writer Jobs in the US

Some cities in the US or near the US have a higher demand for technical writers due to their location. These cities pay extremely well and you can consider moving there if you wish to be well-paid as a technical writer. Below are some of them:

Washington, DC -$48.94 per hour

Louisville, KY -$48.49 per hour

Seattle, WA – $47.41 per hour

Austin, TX – $46.12 per hour

Denver, CO – $45.88 per hour

Plano, TX – $40.19 per hour

Orlando, FL – $38.59 per hour

Phoenix, AZ – $34.26 per hour

Vancouver, WA – $30.79 per hour

Best Visa Option for Technical Writer Job in USA with Visa Sponsorship

The best visa option for getting a technical writer job in the US is the H-1B visa.

The H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows U.S. employers to temporarily employ foreign workers in specialty occupations, which typically require a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience.

Technical writing often falls under the category of specialty occupations, as it requires specialized knowledge and skills in communication, technology, and often a specific industry.

Here’s why the H-1B visa is often the best option:

Employer Sponsorship

The H-1B visa requires an employer in the United States to sponsor the applicant. This means you would need a job offer from a U.S. employer willing to sponsor your visa application. Many technical writing jobs in the US are offered by companies that are willing to sponsor H-1B visas for qualified candidates.

Duration of Stay

The initial period of stay granted under an H-1B visa is up to three years, with the possibility of extension for up to six years in total. This provides a significant period to work and establish yourself in the United States as a technical writer.

Path to Permanent Residency

While the H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa, it can serve as a pathway to permanent residency (green card) in the United States. Many H-1B visa holders eventually transition to permanent residency status through employer sponsorship or other avenues.


H-1B visa holders have the option to change employers in the United States, provided that the new employer is willing to sponsor the visa transfer. This flexibility can be advantageous for technical writers who may want to explore different job opportunities within the US tech industry.

Requirement for Getting a Technical Writer Job in the US with Visa Sponsorship

Below are some of the requirements for getting a technical writer job in the US with visa sponsorship:

  • Applicants should have a bachelor’s degree in English, technical writing, journalism, or its related field.
  • Applicants must have strong writing skills
  • Applicants must have proficiency in grammar such as punctuation, conciseness, and clarity.
  • Applicants must be able to communicate complex technical information to their intended audience for easy comprehension.
  • Applicants must be familiar with technical concepts, tools, and terminologies used in the field.
  • Applicants must have experience in technical writing either through freelance projects, internships, or samples from previous jobs or academic projects.

Where to Apply for Technical Writer Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

Job Search websites

this is the commonly used method where you simply type technical writer jobs on the search key and you will be able to apply, below are some of the job search websites:

How to Apply for Technical Writer Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

You can apply for your technical writer job using your visa sponsorship, by following the steps below:

  • You have to apply for available technical writer jobs with visa sponsorship using links, some of the links are listed above
  • Make sure you use specific job keywords when searching
  • Review the job listings you find and read the descriptions thoroughly
  • When you see a job offer you like, send a standard USA application letter alongside a well-structured CV while making sure you follow the instructions.
  • Upload your documents on the employer’s website which includes your resume, CV, and cover letter then submit your application
  • If you are eligible and lucky enough, your employer will find you suitable, they will therefore write a letter to petition for a scholarship from the United States Citizenship Immigration service
  • Once approved you will be sent a letter from your employer in the US which will aid you to apply for the visa type that is suitable for your job.
  • Once you have applied you will have to answer the questions and answers on the USA technical writer Jobs visa sponsorship interview.
  • Prepare for your interview by doing some online research and you will get the job; you can now prepare to travel.


Is Technical Writing Related to Programming and Coding?

Technical writing is related to programming and coding in the sense that technical writers often create documentation for software products, systems, or applications that involve programming and coding.

While technical writers themselves are not typically responsible for writing code, they need to have a basic understanding of programming concepts and terminology to effectively communicate technical information to their audience.

Technical writers often create user guides, manuals, API documentation, and other documentation for software products and applications

They need to collaborate closely with software developers, engineers, and other technical professionals to gather information about the product or system they are documenting.

Technical writers must be able to translate complex technical information, including code snippets, into clear and understandable language for the intended audience.

They often create documentation for application programming interfaces (APIs), which are sets of rules and protocols that allow different software applications to communicate with each other.

Technical writers may also create troubleshooting guides or knowledge-based articles to help users resolve technical issues with software applications. procedures.

While they do not typically write code themselves, they play a crucial role in communicating technical information to various audiences, including end-users, developers, system administrators, and other stakeholders

What Kind of Places can I Work as a Technical Writer?

Below are some places you can work as a technical writer.

  • Technology Companies
  • Engineering Firms
  • Healthcare Organizations
  • Financial Institutions
  • Government Agencies
  • Consulting Firms
  • Educational Institutions
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Freelance/Contract Work
  • Startups and Small Businesses

Do I Need a Technical Background to Become a Technical Writer?

While having a technical background can be advantageous in certain technical writing roles, it is not always a strict requirement.

What’s more important than a specific technical background is the ability to understand complex technical concepts and communicate them effectively to the intended audience.

Technical writers often collaborate closely with subject matter experts (SMEs) who provide the technical expertise needed to create accurate documentation.

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