The Top 5 Facebook Marketplace Scams of 2020 – How to Avoid them

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The Top 5 Facebook Marketplace Scams of 2020. Facebook Marketplace is always a place for most online scamming activities. It is also an online shopping platform, a site where business transactions take place. Where users buy and sells from each other locally. Facebook Marketplace is one of the most convenient means of finding a bargain in your local area. But just like Craigslist, it can be a place for a number of different scams activities. Let see this topic The Top 5 Facebook Marketplace Scams of 2020. And how to handle such activity and eventually how to report scanner on Facebook.

The Top 5 Facebook Marketplace Scams of 2020

Facebook Marketplace Rules

When using FacebookMarketplace there are rules guiding the activities there. Such rules include the prices allowed and products that are prohibited, check the  Facebook Marketplace Commerce policies. The rules are applied to Marketplace, buy and sell groups, page shops, and even Instagram shopping. Here are the Rules  as follows:

  • Certain items cannot be sold. Facebook maintains a list of items that are not allowed to be sold on Marketplace. These items include adult products or services, Alcohol, Animals, digital media and electronic devices, Event tickets, Gifts Cards, Healthcare items, (thermometers, first-aids kits, etc.), illegal, prescription or recreational drugs, tobacco products or tobacco paraphernalia, unsafe supplements, weapons, ammunition, or explosives.
  • You must sell a physical item.
  • The description of the item must match the image.
  • Before-and-after pictures are prohibited.

The Top5 Facebook Marketplace Scams of 2020

Fake Facebook Profile

Fraudsters set up fresh and entirely different Facebook profiles to carry out their fraudulent activities. Always check the seller’s profile to see if it looks like a normal Facebook account. It looks almost empty detailed information then it is almost certainly a fake account. To go extra miles to prove your doubt ask them questions about your locality. If they are genuine and truly from the same location it will definitely show in their responses. If you are in doubt don’t go further with the transaction.

Missing Purchased Product

If you decide to get your purchase item by mail, then that very risking transaction. Some Scammers on Facebook Marketplace will try to convince you that they mailed the item to you. For example, you both agree to a price on an item and made arrangements to meet in person at a point. Before you are being told that the seller cannot meet up with what you want. Then they suggest mailing it to you (tracked) in a bit to save you both time and effort. The item may never arrive because it never existed and you have just sent the money without receiving any item.

Facebook Marketplace is created for dealings in your locality, you should stick to the rules. Never agree to have any item mailed to you. If the seller cannot meet any scheduled meeting, such a seller will rearrange and meet up another day.

Making Payment in Advance

Some sellers may suggest you make payment in advance so as to confirm your interest in the product. They may suggest that they want to double-check that you’re not wasting their time. And sometimes to avoid them selling the item out to any new client. You in a mature way to prove your sincerity will make the advance payment. These why it’s always advisable to make purchases in-person to avoid the risk of scams.

Using an Unusual Forum of Payment

When you accept to buy a particular item on Facebook Marketplace, and the seller suggests you make payment through PayPal Friends and Family to avoid the fee. Reject such an attempt because there is no protection available when you use this method. Also, as a seller, you should not comply with any kind of unusual payment method even if it’s Venmo. This can lead to you being scammed out of the item if a claim back is made as if the credit card had been stolen and used to set up the account. Try to always pay with cash in person. Also, never use or accept to use any insecure payment method that does not fully protect you.

Selling of Fake Product

This is when you are shown an authentic item at a very low price. On delivery, of such item, it turns out to be fake, counterfeit, far lower quality than the original one that you know or wish to purchase.

However, it is necessary that you understand that the basic key to avoiding this kind of scam is to be aware of cheap products. They seem to be not what they are projected to be. If you don’t want to be a victim of this kind of scam, ensure that you collect your item in person and check first to confirm before accepting and making payment. Never allowed a seller to post you any items.

In conclusion, there are numerous ways that Scammers operate on Facebook Marketplace. Both Sellers and buyers really need to be careful about their transactions when using Facebook Marketplace. Remember that Facebook Marketplace is designed for local transactions within your locality. Always stick to the principles and rules guiding activities on the Marketplace.


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