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Downloading movies from a free download site has always been better with Thenetnaija. The platform is great and has helped a lot of people get their favorite movies. and, although movies seem to be the biggest part of the site, it also has other great offers that you would want to check out. Aside from Movies, you can also download Series, Music, Music videos, and more from the platform.


In case you are wondering where Thenetnaija came from. it was formally known as Netnaija, but now it is known as Thenetnaija. So far, the site has really worked on itself. They have added a lot of new features, made downloading a lot easier for users, and expanded what users can download.

Thenetnaija Features

The site carries a lot of great features that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Unlike your regular download website, this site has more in store for you. Below are some of the best features you can get your hands on with Netnaija.

  • First, we cannot kick off this list without stating its user-friendly interface. The site is easy to navigate and does not get a lot of interruption from ads.
  • The site offers the latest and old movies for download
  • You can download your favorite series with Thenetnaija
  • You should be able to get your hands on any song or music video you like on the platform.
  • Another great thing about the site is that it is also a blog platform. So you can get your hands on celebrity gist, and some top content on blogs.
  • For K drama lovers, the site is a great spot to get your hands on the latest season or new episodes.
  • The site offers subtitles for download also, so you would surely get everything you want in a movie from them

There are tons of features to enjoy from Thenetnaija. Once you start making use of the site, you would see what this article is all about.

Thenetnaija Categories

The categories on the site have made it a lot easier to navigate. You should be able to locate the content you want to download using the categories on the site. They include:

  • Series
  • Movies
  • Yoruba Movies
  • Celebrities
  • Social media
  • Sports
  • Foreign Movies
  • Happenings
  • K-Drama
  • Crime
  • News
  • Music Videos
  • Music

Thenetnaija Series

Thenetnaija has an amazing series section that you surely cannot ignore. If you are a fan of downloading series, you should get the best series at netnaija. The offers on the site are great and you would surely not want to miss out. If the series you are looking for is old or a newly released one, be sure to check out Netnaija because it has what you are looking for.

Thenetnaija Movies

The movies section of the site is surely one of the biggest parts of the site. Just like I stated before, the site has in it store latest and old movies for download so feel free to surf the platform for your favorite movies to download. The best part is that downloading movies from the site is not as complicated as you think.

You can locate the movie you would like to download using the search bar, and once you do, click on it and you would be taken to the download page. Click on download, and your download should commence in no time.

Thenetnaija Music

The music section of the site is great, and you would really enjoy it. They do not just have the latest songs for download, but they also update their front page with new songs from top artists so you won’t be left out.

Downloading songs from the site is not that complicated, first, locate the song you would like to listen to and then click on it. The site is pretty easy to navigate so just follow the onscreen direction to download the song.

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