TikTok–How does it work | TikTok App Download| Tiktok login

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TikTok is a social networking service designed for video sharing. You can use it to create short lip-sync, talent and comedy videos. Thus TikTok aims at inspiring creativity and bring joy to users.


How does it Work?

On the TikTok platform, users can choose the song they want to use in their video, then make a video of themselves miming along to the music or you can record your video first before selecting a song. Users get diverse fun options such as, shoot in slow-mo, fast forward, filters, time-lapse and lots more.

 However, if you love the video you created, you also have the option of posting it to the viewing of your followers or share it on the social media platform. Users can also connect to another user and lipsync together using the duet feature. With the search bar, you can view other videos and content under the trending hashtags

What is TikTok App?

TikTok App is a social media video app designed for both iOS and Android devices the application is meant for forming and sharing videos, activities, comedy and many more. It was launched in 2017 and owned by ByteDance. Thus the app is a free application that enables you to create, watch and share videos with love once.

TikTok App Download

You can download the app from their official website on your mobile phone or you go get the app on the Google/play store. Follow the directions below to download TikTok App from the store.

How To download the app

  • On your iOS or Android phone, Navigate to the Apple App / google play store
  • Go to the search tool, fill in and browse for “TikTok”
  • On the new page, tap on the app
  • Click on the install tab. Wait for it to download into your phone.
  • Launch the app.

How To Create an account

proceed to create an account, you can setup an account using your Facebook, Instagram, email or Twitter account. Then you can proceed to create, edit and share fun videos.

TikTok login

The app is now on your phone, you’ve created an account, you can now login using your ID. When you log in you can be able to interact with other users.


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