Trump News | Trump Impeachment | is Trump Impeached?

Trump News, the news on the impeachment trial of the president of the United State of America “Donald Trump” has gone viral. The whole world has their ears open to hear the outcome of the trial the US President faced in the House of Rep. This article is loaded with details on what brought about the trial and also the result of the trial at the House of Rep.

Trump News

Trump Impeachment

You might be wondering what led to this impeachment trial, so to gain more light on the cause of Trump’s impeachment trial and also the outcome of the trial, read the section below. You can visit the Fox news website for more details.

Trump News- Cause of the impeachment trial

It all begins with a phone call between Donald Trump and the President of Ukraine. During the phone call, Trump asks Ukraine president to conduct an investigation on Bidens and also investigate the conspiracy theory concerning the election that took place in 2016.

According to witnesses, during the conversation on phone, the US President was withholding about $391 m in the military aid from Ukraine and then conditioned a White House meeting on the investigation, which US president denies any wrongdoing.

Trump Trials by the House of Rep

Trump’s case for over two months has been brought to the white house, which is led by the democrats, where the matter is being critically and analytically looked into.

However, the House is accusing the president of pressuring Ukraine president to conduct an investigation into “Joe Biden” who is trump’s political rival and a former vice president. Joe Biden is also the flag bearer of the 2020 Democratic presidential race.

Thus, the House also charges the US President for obstructing their investigation by not complying with subpoenas and directing members of his administration to do the same. Moreover, the trial to impeach Trump in the House of Representatives which was concluded a few weeks ago will now lead to the President’s trial at Senate.

You might be curious to know the outcome of the trial at the house of Rep, read the section beneath for details.

Is Trump Impeached?

The President of the United States of America ( Donald Trump) has been impeached by members of the House of Reps. However, the president was impeached for obstructing Congress and abuse of power, which has to do with the call between him and Ukraine president.

The impeachment process was concluded in the house after conducting about two months of basic inquiries.


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