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Tubidy MP4 – Download Free Mp4 Music Videos | www.tubidy.com

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Tubidy is an online search engine where you can download unlimited songs in mp4 format. You can download mp3 and mp4 – video, video HD mp4 songs, full HD 104 MB High video file formats on Tubidy.com. Being able to download song is one thing, but being able to download it in a format that you want and for free is actually another thing.

Tubidy MP4 - Download Free Mp4 Music Videos | www.tubidy.com

Tubidy understanding that its users have different needs and preferences, actually allow them choose the songs they want in the format they want. So, you now know that when you visit the site to download from it, nothing is being forced on you. You make the choices and determine how you want your songs.

Why Should You Download Using MP4 Format?

Downloading songs with mp3 is good, but downloading in mp4 format is better. This is because, MP4s typically have the ability of taking advantage of Advanced Audio Coding (AAC). This can encode audio at a higher bitrate (the data used) than MP3 can. Downloading songs using the MP4 format actually sounds better even if the bitrate is the same.

When you visit the www.tubidy.com music website, you are given the option of downloading any song of your choice in an mp4 format. Even though this is not the only format option you’ll see on the site, downloading with the mp4 format will actually serve you better.

Advantages of Downloading from the Tubidy Website

Here is what makes the www.tubidy.com streaming website different from the rest:

  • Easily search for and download any of your song choices.
  • Download in a format you want. Be it mp3, Mp4 or full HD video.
  • Use the search tool to easily get the songs you want conveniently.
  • Download’s songs faster. You’ll get the songs on your device in seconds.
  • Shows you related search query you have entered which helps you discover more songs you can download.
  • You can download songs for free
  • You don’t need to subscribe to download songs from the site.
  • You’ll get access to all genres of songs you can download to your heart content.


Tubidy MP4 Genres

On the site, you can download songs from the following genres: Gospel Songs, Afro Music, Classical, Romantic Songs, Most Downloaded, Trending Songs, Latest Release, WhatsApp Status Songs, Oldies, Urban Music, Contemporary Music and so much more.

How to Download Mp4 Songs on Tubidy

You can download MP4 songs on the www.tubidy.com website just like you would download every other song format. The only difference would be in where you would have to select the format. So let’s get started.

  • From your browser, visit tubidy.com. If you are using the Tubidy mobile app, click open the app.
  • Navigate to the search box field
  • Click inside the white space to bring up the keypad.
  • Enter the title of the song or the name of the song you want to download.
  • Tap on the search icon
  • From the list of songs displayed, click on the song you want to download.
  • From the different formats displayed, choose “Mp4 Audio or Mp4 video” depending on what you want
  • Click on the “Download tab
  • Allow the download to complete. It should download in few seconds.
  • Click “Open” once the download is complete. You can now listen to the song offline
  • Once the download is complete, the downloaded song will be added to your playlist.

Downloading songs on Tubidy with Mp4 format, gives you more quality and makes listening to your favorite tracks a lot better.

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