Twitch App – Amazing App Features | Download The Twitch App

Twitch app is available in a new form, makes it easy to find people, content, and streams. It comes with the same features you find on the website, thereby making it a smooth experience.

twitch app

Twitch App

So with this, you are sure to get the most requested features on your mobile. However, the application is available on iOS and Android phones. If you’ve not gotten the app already, go ahead and download it, so that you can gain access to its outstanding features.

About Twitch Service

Twitch is a subsidiary of Amazon, runs by twitch Interactive. It is majorly known as a video streaming service such as broadcast, creative content. As of 2014 February, twitch was seen as the fourth largest source of high Internet traffic in the US. Thus it has over 1.5 million broadcasters and up to 100 million viewers each month in the year 2015.

Amazing Twitch App Features

Navigation bar – it consists of Live, Pulse and Browse. With a touch on these tabs, you can watch, discover and follow content with ease.

Pulse –this feature enables you to locate live streams, updates, clips, etc.  From streamers.

The Swipe Surfing feature–with the Swipemovement, users can easily select new videos, go back to the previous stream and many more.

Instant Playlists- find amazing content in the instant playlist by swiping down.

Language ranking feature –you can find a particular stream which many individuals of the same language.

Mobile streaming – With your phone camera, you can go to the twitch app to stream to your channel directly.

Notifications – the notification field, give you notice on activities going on in your account the same way it does on Web.

The landscape Chat –  the landscape chat is also made available for phones via the mobile app.

Devices For The App

The following are devices, which the twitch app can be used on

For desktop –  we have the app designed for Windows, macOS and twitch Sings.

The mobile apps –it’s available for iOS and Android phones.

The TV app- PlayStation 4, Xbox one, fire TV, Apple TV, NVIDIA Shield, and Chromecast.

Is Twitch App Free?

Download the app and watch broadcast and videos for free on Twitch.

Download The Twitch App

You can get to twitch using the newly introduced app on your mobile device, TV and desktop mentioned above.

How Do I Get It?

Go to your Google play store and Apple apps store to download and install the app on your phone. But to download it For TV/desktop, go to

Find the device you need the app for and tap on the download button.


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