Twitch app Apple TV | how to download Twitch app on Your Apple TV

Twitch app Apple TV is a twitch application available on Apple TV. Get the app and experience your favorite games in a unique way, stream live and chat with other gamers all over the world. Over the years people have been depending on third-party apps to access twitch on their Apple TV, it is no longer so because an app has been made available on Apple TV.

Twitch App Apple TV

What is Twitch app

It is an app introduced for twitch users, to make streaming, chatting easy for them. Twitch has three major aim which is to enable you to view live, of the games you love, connect you to other game lover using the live chat feature and finally lets you go live to share your passion with others. You can decide to be part of the social gaming platform such as art, music, esports event and many more.

Twitch app on Apple TV

There’s no much different when you watch the stream on your Apple TV and when you view it with mobile or desktop, it’s just that you are watching on a bigger screen.

Twitch Apple TV features

The home button –  the home tab, displays games, shows and channels you follow.

Browse button –  you can search for games, channels in categories. And many other features.

How do I type on twitch app Apple TV?

You might be asking, how do I type on the TV?  With your TV remote, you can do that right away. But the disadvantage of typing with the remote is that it might not be as fast as you want, but in case that’s the issue, you can use your iPhone’s keyboard instead.

How To download the twitch app on your Apple TV

Before you will be able to get a twitch app on your TV, you must download Apple “TestFlight app”  on your iPhone and TV.

How To install a BETA TVOS app

  • Go ahead to install the TestFlight on both your iOS and Apple TV
  • Click on the “public” tab on your iOS device
  • Tap on the “Accept”
  • Open the TestFlight on the TV. Ensure you signed into the same app store account with the iOS device
  • Navigate to install the app You want to test. And start testing twitch. If there’s an issue, you are to send feedback to developers.

How To send feedback?

In the Test Flight, on the app page, move to the information field to find a developer email address. So when you find it, go ahead and send an email to them.


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