Twitch app download – download twitch app for mobile, PC, and TV

Twitch app download is a way of getting the twitch app on your device. Thus the app is designed to be used on PC, TV, and mobile. It makes it very easy to find content, people and streams. Why do I need the app? It has the same features on the website, and also very simple to use. However, to enjoy these special features, you have to download the application.

twitch app download
twitch app download

Twitch App

A live video streaming service and also a division of Amazon, operated by Twitch Interactive. Thus, in 2015, it has more than 1.5 million broadcasters and about 100 million viewers monthly. The company went ahead to introduce the app not limited to mobile phones but can be used on TV and desktop as well. So with the app, You can steam your games, follow new channels without difficulty.

Amazing App Features

Navigation tab

Tap on the navigation bar to watch, discover and follow the content without stress.


Find live streams, updates, clips From streamers, using the pulse button.

The Swipe Surfing

You can use the Swipe motion to select new videos, go back to the previous stream and lots more.

Language ranking

It helps you find people with the same language that is watching a particular channel.

Mobile streaming

the mobile streaming feature enables you to stream channels right from your phone camera.

Notification tab

With the notification button, you will get a notice on your account activities the same way it does on the Web.

Which device is the app for?

You can get the twitch app for your mobile phone, computer, and TV. Below are devices twitch app supports.

PC – it’s available for Windows, macOS and Twitch Sings.

Mobilephone – get the app for iOS and Android devices.

TV -you can download the app for PlayStation 4, Xbox one, fire TV, Chromecast, Apple TV and NVIDIA Shield.

Download twitch app for mobile, PC and TV

To download the newly introduced twitch application on your mobile phone, TV, and PC, you only need a few steps to do that, just read the section below for more clarity.

Twitch app download for mobile?

You need the app on your iPhone, IPad or Android phone?  Follow the steps under

•      If you need it on your Android phone, move to the play store to download and install the application on your phone.

•      IOS users should go to the app store, to get the app.

Twitch app download for TV and PC

If you want to get the application For your TV/desktop, Search for

Find the device you need the app for and tap on the download button.

For Apple TV, you need an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad that runs iOS 8 and above to get the app on your Apple TV.

Go to other TV help Center like the Xbox one, to learn more about how to get the app.


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