Twitch Fire TV – how to download twitch on Fire TV Stick

Twitch fire TV is an app that enables you to view the game you love, your favorite players and events on your fire TV. Users can browse live channels for games they like and want to play, such as Lethalfrag, LIRIK, MANvsGAME, and Towelliee.

Twitch Fire TV

What is twitch all about? 

Twitch is a website owned by Amazon. It was launched for gamers to stream their favorite games live. It offers the opportunity for individuals who want to earn money by introducing the partnership and affiliate program. This service was kicked off in the year 2011. The Twitch app is now available not only for mobile phone users but also for TV owners like fire TV, Apple TV and many more.

Twitch app for fire TV

The Amazon Fire TV can now be used to watch games with the twitch app. With the larger screen, users find streaming videos more enjoyable. So on your TV, you can browse live games channels, view the twitch channel like LIRIK, MANvsGAME and many more.

However, gamers can also get the inside story from higher developers who broadcast on the website. All these are little of what you will be experiencing right within the twitch app fire TV.

How To download twitch on Fire TV Stick?

The steps below will show you how to install twitch on your TV.

  • Turn the fire stick power button ON.
  • Go to the search box and type in “Twitch” using your fire stick remote to type 
  • Click on the “Enter” tab
  • On the next page, it will prompt you to download the app.
  • After downloading, Proceed to install the app, by selecting the install widget.
  • You can click on the “Done” button or tap on the open/launch tab, depending on what you want.

How To Hide Chat on fire TV

  • Navigate to the TV and tap on “twitch” icon
  • Open a streaming channel
  • Get your TV remote and click on the left corner of the circle tab
  • Choose the icon to the right of the gear button.

To remove the chat field in your twitch app fire TV do the following

  • Open the app and a streaming channel
  • Tap on the left corner of the circle located on the remote to view the menu
  • To select the chat display tab, Press on the sides of the circle on your TV remote
  • Click on the circle button to select.


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