Twitch Prime Fortnite| twitch Prime Fortnite Pack 2 and 3

Twitch Prime Fortnite is an online video game. It is also a battle royal game of survival were about 100 people are involved, and to win in the game you must defeat the other 99 players.

Twitch Prime Fortnite

Thus, Fortniteoffers twitch Prime pack, which gives game players with twitch Prime connected to Amazon a skin with bonus cosmetics such as pickaxe and emote.

Twitch Prime

Twitch Prime is a higher form of twitch that offers subscribers a greater experience on twitch. It’s designed for Prime video and Amazon prime members. It gives members exclusive services than that of an ordinary twitch member. When you Sign up for Twitch Prime,, you will enjoy extra games, exclusive emotes, in-game content and lots more

Twitch Prime Fortnite Pack 2

From the month of may, twitch Prime subscribers are allowed to claim free amazing outfit, emote, pickaxe and back bling for a battle royale. The FortniteTwitch Prime pack 2 is out also for Prime subscribers to take advantage of the free exclusive Fortnite loot, which are

  • The trailblazer outfit
  • True North Back Bling
  • Tenderizer Pickaxe
  • Freestylin Emote

Twitch PrimeFortnite Pack 3

A twitch Prime pack 3 concepts were formed some months ago by a Reddit member, Sircylinder.  The pack 3 concept consists of the glider, back bling, and wrap. The back bling which is already in the game now has a purple color for the concept.

How To Get twitch Prime items

  • Create an account with twitch
  • Create an Amazon prime account
  • Link account to Amazon prime

How To Create an Account with twitch?

Follow the guidelines below to create an account with a twitch

  • Navigate to the homepage
  • Move to the top and tap the blue “sign up” widget
  • Fill in the following data, username and enter a password, date of birth and email address
  • Go through the terms of service and privacy notice below
  • Tap on the “sign” widget

The next step is to create an Amazon prime account and then link it to your twitch account.

How To link Amazon Prime account to twitch

  • Select the “confirm” tab to link your Amazon account to your twitch account.

For Prime video members

Search for

Hit on the “start your free trial” widget to link your accounts. Then tap on “confirm” link

After doing the above instructions, then you can go ahead to enjoy all benefits attached to twitch Prime such as the amazing packs for subscribers and much more loot.


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