Twitch Xbox One | How To stream On twitch Xbox One

Twitch Xbox One allows you to broadcast and view your favorite games live. With the twitch Xbox One update, you can find what you want with ease. Watch games on the big screen in your home with the twitch available on Xbox one.

Twitch Xbox One
Twitch Xbox One


The twitch is a service offered by Amazon to let people stream the games they love live. There are many activities that go on this platform, you can decide on what to do on the platform. The website gives you room to watch games, connect to steamers and also chat with people on the platform. You can also decide to be an affiliate, thereby making money while showing off your passion.

Twitch app

The app is vet much available for you once you have the Xbox One. The app on Xbox is now updated to make streaming extremely fun for users.

New features

After updating the app, these are an improvement you find while streaming

  • There’s now, the inclusion of achieved video-on-demand videos to the Xbox One.
  • The revamped broadcaster profiles
  • A quality search feature, that enables you, particular people.
  • You can select stream quality manually

Download twitch on Xbox

To get the app on your Xbox take these steps

Go to your Xbox store and search for “twitch”

Hit the install tab

Launch or tap on the Done button.

Xbox One Twitch Stream quality

The app allows you to set the quality of your stream, so to change quality login, you need to access the settings field.

How To Stream On twitch Xbox One

With this simple procedure am about to show you, you will be able to stream games on this popular game streaming website. Before you go ahead, make sure you have an active Twitch account.


  • If you’ve not downloaded the app, go over to your Xbox store to download and install the app.
  • Tap on the “log in” box
  • Go to your PC or mobile browser and search for a code will be forwarded to you
  • Key in the code to activate your device
  • On your Xbox One, Open the game you want to watch or stream.
  • Tap on the home button twice. Choose the “snap” tab and then select “twitch” widget
  • Press on “broadcast” widget. Go ahead and name your broadcast. To adjust your microphone,  change broadcast stream quality, set chat and kinectProceed to settings button.
  • Click on “start broadcast to go online”  widget


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