Twitter Analytics-How to Use Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics was launched in 2014. It helps you to see what is happening on your dashboard. It measures and boosts your impact on Twitter as well. However, Twitter analytics gives information that can enable you to create meaningful content that will meet the needs of your target audiences. Basically, Twitter users communicate with brands in various mediums that will help them to analyze activities and results of their own Tweets, if you missed out on key Twitter insight that can help your restructure and maximize your ROI. Therefore in this work, we will highlight what Twitter analytics is all about. It’s important to your business and any other factors that will assist you to attain the success of your Twitter Campaigns.

Twitter Analytics

What is Twitter Analytics?

A twitter Analytics gives you details of your Tweets engagement, favorite, replies, Tweets, clicks, and more on your dashboard. It does not only access your activities alone but also the activities of those that follow you. You gain access to interact with your Tweets or engage with your content.

Also, Twitter analyses all these activities so as to create a strong data that will display how a twitter user’s account is performing. The data can is in your Analytics “dashboard”

How do I Get Analytics on Twitter?

It can be accessed by all Twitter users on their various Twitter Account. You don’t have to be in business before you can access it. All that you need to do is to log into your Twitter account and click the activity icon that looks like a bar graph under a post. You can use your mobile phone, smartphone or your desktop to check.

Using mobile analytics you will see information such as

  • Number of Twitter users saw, liked, shared and commented on your specific Tweets
  • The Number of users that visited your profile.

Using desktop analytics, you will see information such as

  • Numbers of followers you have, Including any changes line new followers
  • Your twitter highlights by the month
  • The demographics of your followers
  • Your most popular Tweets and followers.

Twitter Analytics is it Free?

The answer to this question is simply Yes. It is free. Each user has access to their twitter Analytics free, no charges are attached by the sign-in process. There are many free and paid Twitter Analytics tools that can be used to check your analytics. Although, they are some in-built or native ones on the dashboard.

Benefits of Twitter Analytics

  1. You gain access to your audience demographic. With Twitter analytics, you will get to know your followers, learn what languages they speak and know the country of residence, gender. and even their online purchasing behavior. All this information should create motivate you to improve and build strategies that will resonate with your audiences.
  2. Find the best times of the day to tweet. The worst time to tweet is 3:am because everyone is asleep. Then, when is the ideal time to Tweet? is it day time or weekends? However, when you can see patterns of engagement based on the time of the day that you tweeted previously.
  3. Discover more on your Tweets. The whole Analytics dashboard will show Twitter metrics for each tweet. You will see the total number of impressions and engagements generated by a tweet, and the total engagement rate. If you see spikes in impressions, you can revisit the Tweets you have shared on those days to know what generated them.
  4. Validate Your Twitter Ad Spend. Using promoted Tweets to attract eyeballs, you want to know if you’re making good use of your investment. Good enough, Twitter Analytics for business insights allows you to compare promoted and organic impressions so you gain an understanding of how well your promoted Tweets are performing.

What Does It Display?

Twitter Analytics produces varieties of Analytics that are perfect for any type of business online. It gives you insight from basic to advanced, the dashboard provides personalized Twitter statistics that can improve your account metric after some times. These are seven Twitter insight metrics and how they help your business.

  1. Twitter Impressions. This tweets the number of times Tweets are viewed by people on Twitter
  2. Engagement Rate. It is the total number of engagement over a period of time divided by the number of impressions seen over that same period of time.
  3. 28 Day Summary. Twitter summarize your activities after 28 days. It shows your activities compares to the previous months.
  4. Top mentions. It shows Twitter top mentions highlight a tweet that mentions you and received the most impressions over time.
  5. Top Tweet. Twitter’s Tweet on your dashboard is the tweet that your account with the highest number of impressions over a set period of time.
  6. Top Follower. Twitter Follower metric is the account that has followed you within the time parameters with the highest amount of followers.
  7. Video completion rate. It does is says and divides the number of completed video views by the number of times users started to watch it over a period of time.


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