Twitter Small Business Ads – Growing Your Business

Twitter Small Business ads are available to small businesses. You can create your own business Twitter Advertising campaign. However, you need to find the type of Twitter Ads that suits your business. Let’s go down to business!

Twitter Small Business Ads

Sign in To Twitter Ads

When you get to, click on the “Start Advertising” button to sign in with your current Twitter handle and password or create your own new account. To create a Twitter for Business get to Twitter business platform.

You will get to the welcome page. You will be welcome to the Twitter Advertising page. On that page, you will see a little description of the types of Twitter Ads options that are available, also with an introductory video on Twitter for small businesses.

Types of Twitter Advertising options for Business

When you are at the Twitter Business platform, you will see the three Ads options that are available for small businesses. They are as follows:

Promoted Accounts

This type of ad enables you to promote your account for others to follow. For instance, when you log into your Twitter account and get to the main dashboard. At the left of your twitter stream, under your account statistics, there is a box indicating suggested users to follow based on your interests. When an advertiser has any keywords that relate I it’s profile and is targeting an audience in your location, you ‘ll see it as a promoted account in that section. Promoted Account promote your business’s Twitter profile and helps you build followers that are interested in your kind of business. It also helps people to discover your brand and build your account.

Promoted Tweets

Promoted Tweets highlight a particular update to gain more exposure to it. Generally, promoted Tweets give you business status updates exposure on Twitter. You can use promoted Tweets for building business awareness, building your brand’s voice, offering deals and sharing of content.

Promoted Trends

Promoted Trends are simply topics and Hashtags that keep moving to the top of the trending topics list. These topics are found at Twitter homepage under the Trends section. These trend topics are incorporated into personal Tweets and when thus done you can view a page that is following anyone, who’s has posted an update using the Keywords or Hashtags. You will likely see promoted Tweets from the account that created the trend at the top of the Tweets.

However, with promoted Tweets your business will create massive awareness for product launches, build mass awareness for events and brand your building by association.

Twitter Advertising Campaign set up

When you’re setting up your twitter ads campaign, navigate back and click on the “Get Started” button and fill out your information. Such as;

Tell us where your customers are located, their city, state, region or country. Choose your suitable option that fist your business.

Next, gain new followers by promoting your account. If you’re interested in using the promoted account to get more exposure for your business Twitter profile and build followers,

Also, amplify your message by promoting your Tweets. Choose the promoted Tweets campaign. Make Tweet the update you want to advertise before coming to set up your ad. This can be done manually. Set up your budget for daily spending per click or start promoting your Tweets or skip to the next option.

Finally, add a payment method. Key in a payment option for your twitter advertising campaign. Then, click the “Complete Setup to Start Advertising “ button to get your advertising campaign on. Or save your information to complete later.

In conclusion, to increase your business exposure and promote your Tweets to your targeted audiences, you need to try Twitter Advertising. Sign up to access and watch you’re your business growth.


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