Types of online marketing

Types of online marketing? It is simply different channels of marketing one’s business via internet. So if you want to promote your business, there are several ways you can market it over the internet. Thus in this article you will get to learn more about these online marketing channels.

types of online marketing
types of online marketing

About online marketing

Online marketing is an act of promoting your business online, to attract a large number of customers.These marketing can occur with the use of the following channels, social media, email, SEO, Affiliate , Pay Per Click, blogging and more.

7 Major Types of online marketing

Online marketing are marketing activities that makes use of the Internet. Below are the most common online marketing channels, you should go for, to take your business to the highest level.

Social Media online marketing

Social media marketing is simply an act of using social media platforms to draw people to consider your business. This type of marketing is a perfect means for businesses to promote their brand equity, get to new customers and collecting customers feedback. Thus, It’s very much easy to get lots of customers from the social media platforms, because large number of people has social media accounts. Companies, should endeavor to create a social media content with the aim of providing to people, with this they would go a very long way.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a way of attracting traffic and attention to your products or services via email. It gives room for direct contact with prospective customers and then drawing them to patronize your business.

Moreover, to achieve your aim on this marketing platform, you need to get correct tools to enable you send customize emails representing your business.

Search Engine Optimization–Type of Online marketing

Search Engine optimization is known as SEO, it is the most important aspect of online marketing. It’s a process of making website rank well for relevant searches. However it helps to keep online business updated with the best way to rank.

How does SEO works? It makes researches on relevant keywords and also adding them to your website copy, improving your site titles, description and it’s loading speed.

Content marketing

Content marketing is a marketing channel that centers on forming and distributing quality content for targeted group, thereby attracting and retaining them. However, the content focuses on driving profitable customer deed. Thus,Online Businesses can use the content marketing tactics to deliver valuable information about your business to earn their trust.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an act of partnering to promote other people’s businesses in other to receive commission at the end. However, boosting a particular company’s products or services and in turn get your share.

Pay Per Click marketing

Pay Per Click is a marketing strategy where advertisers pay for each click on their ads.

Types of online marketing –Blogging

Blogging is one of the effective way to boost or promote products, services online and also build brand trust. Moreover, It consists of , podcasts, news subjects, content article, affiliate marketing and so on.


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