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Ups Store Notary Service – Notary Services at the Ups Store | Get your Documents Notarized at UPS

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Ups Store Notary Service is a platform that notarizes your document to make have a legal effect. Ups Store has to so many locations across the nation. These locations are established to make it easier for you. Immediately, you notarize your document, the branch helps to make copies of the documents and then send it where it’s needed.

Ups Store Notary Service

Ups Store Notary Service

Ups Store is the largest franchisor of retail shipping, packaging & labeling postal, printing and business service around the world. There are thousands of Ups Store branches in the United States and Canada. The company was founded in August 1980 as “mailboxes Etc” then in 2003 as “ Ups Store”. The company headquarters is in California, United States.

Why you need Ups Store Notary Service

It is very important to notarize particular documents to enable it to have a legal effect. That is to say, for your documents to look legal you need a notary service. That is why governments find it very important to provide people that trained to help in carrying out the service. This the notary public works as a public officer to attests email proper carrying out to these important documents. Let’s look at documents that may need notarization services.

Example of Documents that Needs Notarization

There are some documents that are very important or need notarization to confirm its authentication and genuine. Some of these documents include, trusts document, contract document, affidavits document, deed document and will document.

Note; to notarize any of these documents, visit any of the Ups Store branches. But before visiting any if these stores, ensure you contact them first because some of the Ups Store branches do not notarize 1-9 employment qualification confirmation forms or will.

Requirement for Ups Store Notary Service

For your document to be notarized, there are items you need to present to the notary officers, these items include.

  • A valid government issued photo ID.
  • Some state requires witnesses signatory. So before paying any of the Ups Store branches a visit, find out if they require a witness in addition to the notarization.

How to Notarize Documents at Ups

To notarize your documents do the following.

  • Register with ups online or get the mobile app from the Google Play/App store
  • Upload your document. Note; make sure you don’t sign the document before uploading it on the Ups store platform. You are required to sign in the presence of the Notary public
  • Use notarize digital tools to fill in the document.
  • Validate your identity.
  • Connect with a notary public by clicking the “connect” tab. They will connect you to a notary public via live video call.
  • As the notary public watches you, sign the document using your computer or iPhone.
  • Wait for a little while for your document to be notarized
  • After notarizing your document, proceed to download your notarized PDF.
  • You can now print the document or share it online.

How you Find Stores

Ups has over 4,800 Store branches that makes it easy for you to authenticate your document without stress. Within 5 minutes, you are done. It this store branch that will help you copies if necessary and then ship them. To find a store go to www.theupstore.com/store-services/notary-services.

You will see the “find a store” button click on it.  Select either search by location or search Store number. Then click on submit.

Schedule Appointment

If you want to notarize your document, I have good news for you. Online appointment scheduling is now available at over 3,000 locations Nationwide. So to schedule appointment navigate to www.theupsstore.com/store-services/notary-services.

Go to the top right hand corner of the page and tap on “quick start” link. From the drop down list, click on the “ schedule appointment” button and follow the guide on screen.

Estimate Shipping

Find out the estimated shipping price for your shipment using various ups delivery of services. To find the estimated shipping cost. Go to the Ups store notary service website. Find the “quick start” widget at the top of the screen and click on it. A menu will drop down, from The menu select the “ estimate shipping” button and follow the on-screen directives.

Track a Package

After you shipped your document, you can track your shipment with Ups store. So to track your package .go to Ups store page, locate the quick-start button and select it. Scroll to the bottom of the drop-down list, then hit on the “ track package” tab.

How to Sign Up for Ups

To register for an account visit www.upsstore.com from their home screen, locate the sign up button at the top of the screen and tap on it. Provide the information required for registration and follow the due steps to complete the registration.

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