Venmo app is an easy way of sending cash among friends and your favorite online stores.  It’s available on both iOS and Android devices. You want to catch fun as you send or receive money, quickly download and sign up for venom.

venmo app


An online money transfer service for US Resident. Thus, account holders can send funds to others using the mobile phone app. However, this payment service is owned by PayPal.

The app has three outstanding social feeds such as public, friends, and private feeds. All transactions are shared publicly by default, but users can change it by selecting the private or friends tab.


Users get Secured payment information with data encryption so that they can pay contacts and send money to the Bank account securely.

Receive automatic syncing of their Fb account, mobile contact to share and split payments.

With the feed feature, brands are promoted as users share their purchases with contacts.

Venmo app features

The payment service has a lot of features embedded in it but will be looking at a few of them in this article.

Purchases and Payments – users can make their online purchases right within the app. And it lets you pay for every item you purchase using the payment button.

Money transfer – this feature enables users to send or transfer money to friends or contacts without stress.

The request money feature – with this option you can be able to request and withdrawal the money sent to you.

Tracker- with these users can track every payment they made, to know when it gets to the recipient.

Data encryption –  it secures your payment data as you transfer to people.

Venmo app download

Go to the app store or play store to download the venmo app and begin to cruise with its outstanding payment service.

How To Use venmo app

There are basic steps you need to take to start using the app, check out the steps below

Step 1 download Venmo app

If you don’t know how to download the app, few steps in your Google or App Store will get you the app. So on the play or App Store page use the search tab to browse for the app, by typing in the name. Select the install tab.

Step 2create an account

  • Launch the venom app
  • A page with a form will be pop up for you to fill

Input your email address and the appropriate password

Verify your email

Connect and verify your bank account by keying in your account details or your online balance username and password. If you want, you can link your credit card or debit card.

Step 4- Add Friends

Add friends using the following medium

  • Searching by username/name
  • Your contact list
  • Your Facebook friends list
  • The QR code.

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