Venmo to PayPal – How to transfer venmo to PayPal

Venmo to PayPal?  You want to transfer money between your venom and PayPal account directly, presently there’s no feature for direct transfer. Nevertheless, you will learn how to move out money from venom and then move it to your PayPal account.

venmo to paypal
Venmo to Paypal

The major solution is simply by transferring the money to a bank account that is linked to venom and PayPal.

What is Venmo?

Venmo is a  payment service and app that lets you send and receive funds from friends. The service is available for US Resident and it’s owned PayPal.

The app is using a peer to peer features, which allow users to share payments by linking their bank account to the service.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is a popular payment service and digital wallets. It lets you connect your bank account and credits or debit cards to their account to be able to transfer and receive payments using a mobile phone.

How To transfer venmo to PayPal

There are different ways to transfer venmo to PayPal, either through mobile app or computer.

Transfer venmo to PayPal using mobile app

Tap on the venmo app on your mobile device. To continue you need the same Bank account connected to venmo and PayPal and also a PayPal Cash or plus account.

Send money from venmo to Bank account

Sign in to your account, if prompted.

Tap on the menu tab

Click on “manage balance or transfer money” button.

A list will pop up from under, tap on “transfer to bank” widget, to enter the amount you want to transfer tap on the number

Select instant or the free 1-3 biz days

Choose your bank, confirm and click on “transfer” tab

Send money from Bank account to PayPal

Before you go ahead make sure you have a PayPal Cash or plus account connected to this Bank account.

Open the PayPal app, then login if prompted.

Click on your PayPal balance

Select “Add money” from your bank. If you transferred the money using 1-3 business days transfer option, you will have to wait, before moving the money.

Enter the amount and the continue

Click to confirm transfer

Press on “Add Money” button. It takes 3-5  days to get to your PayPal account.

Move money from venmo to PayPal on Desktop

To do this you need to visit venmo official website at

Move money out of Venmo

Login to your venmo account

Tap on the text field to Key in the amount you want to transfer.

Press on the “transfer” button, to send it to your bank account, then from there you can now move it so you can now move it to PayPal

Transfer money to PayPal



Ensure you have a PayPal Cash/PayPal Cash plus account connected with the bank account used above.

Click on the “wallet” widget and then transfer money

Press on “Add money to your balance” link

Input amount

Tap on “Add”

Click on “Add” again to confirm.


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