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Victoria’s Secret Credit Card – Application for Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

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Enjoy exclusive benefits designed just for you with Victoria’s Secret Credit Card. Issued by Comenity bank, this card rewards you for shopping at Victoria’s Secret. This card can be used for online purchases at VictoriaSecret.com, and at Victoria’s Secret store or in a PINK store. The card is also accepted at Bath & Body Works, which is another chain owned by the L Brands even though you won’t earn rewards at these stores.

Victoria’s Secret Credit Card - Application for Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

The Victoria’s Secret card as it is with most proprietary store cards mostly works for those who are regular shoppers of the brand. Card users can earn rewards according to the value of their purchases, both in-store and online.

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Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

Victoria’s Secret Angel credit card has three different tiers, based on how much a card user spends each year. Each level comes with certain amounts of rewards and perks. Immediately a card user earns a certain number of points by spending a certain dollar amount, they get upgraded to the next level. The first tier is the basic Angel card, the second is the Angel VIP card while the third tier is the Angel Forever card

Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Benefits

Enjoy the following exclusive benefits with your card:

  • Card users can save up to $25 when they open and use their Victoria’s Secret credit card online.
  • Enjoy exclusive rewards for shopping with your Victoria’s Secret card.
  • There’s free shipping on every $50+ purchase with your card.
  • Victoria’s Secret makes you feel special on your birthday by giving you a birthday gift.
  • With Perk of the Month, you enjoy exclusive offers and invites, early access to sales as well as other Cardmember-Only perks.

Speaking of the benefits, here they are right on your screen.

First Tier Benefits

Members of the first tier earn the following:

  • Triple points on all bra purchases.
  • Free shipping for qualified purchases (above $50).
  • One triple-point day of their choice.
  • Birthday treats each year the card is active and a $10 reward to use on future purchases.

These are the benefits for first tiers those who are using the credit card for the first time.

Second Tier Benefits

Members in the second tier earn the following:

  • Earn 250 points on their Angel card in a rolling 12-month period.
  • Angel VIP card users rack up points at the same level and rate as an Angel cardholder.
  • Annual birthday treats and reward of $10.
  • A halfway-to-birthday treat of $10
  • 15% discount on the anniversary of their sign up.

Here are for second-tier benefits for those using the credit card for the second time as well.

Third Tier Benefits

We also have the one for the third-tier or user which we will be looking into right away.

  • $15 birthday and half-birthday treats
  • 20% anniversary discount
  • To qualify for this tier, card users must earn 500 points on their Angel card or Angel VIP credit card within a rolling 12-month period.

Here it is, the benefits for third tiers.

Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Application

Victoria’s Secret offers two card designs with the same great benefits. This means that you can choose any card design of your choice when applying for a card. Now let’s show you how to apply:

  • Launch your browser to https://c.comenity.net/victoriassecret/pub/apply/ApplyIntro.xhtml.
  • Click on the ‘Apply Now’ link.
  • Scroll to the personal information section and enter your: First name, middle initial, last name, suffix, social security number, date of birth, and annual income.
  • For the second phase, which is the contact information section, enter your zip code, street address, suite or apartment (optional), city, state, email address, confirm the email address, mobile phone, alternate phone.
  • Then add an authorized buyer to your account.
  • Enter a referral code (optional).
  • Tap on the ‘Continue’ link to proceed further with your application.

As you hit on the “Continue” button, you’ll be further directed on what to do to complete your application.

Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Login

To log into your credit card account:

  • Visit comenity.net/ac/VictoriaSecret/login link.
  • Enter your username and password
  • If you want to stay signed in, click on the ‘Remember Me’ box.
  • Click on the ‘Sign In’ link to access your account.

Accessing your online account is quite simple when you use these few steps.

Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Activation

To activate your Victoria’s Secret credit card, you have to register for online access. To register:

  • Launch your browser to https://c.comenity.net/activation/victoriassecret/pub/activate/Activate.xhtml.
  • Click on the ‘Register for Access’ link.
  • On the registration screen fill in the required fields.
  • Enter your account number.
  • Key in the last four digits of your SSN and Zip code.
  • Tap on the ‘Find my account’ button.
  • Then navigate to the ‘Activate card button’ tap on it, and go through with the guide to successfully activate your card.

Once you successfully activate your card, you can use it for your purchases.

Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Username or Password Recovery

To recover your username or password:

  • Visit comenity.net/ac/VictoriaSecret/password reset link.
  • Scroll to the fields provided, and enter your:
  • Account Number or Username.
  • Zip Code / Postal Code.
  • Identification Type.
  • Last 4 Numbers of Social Security number.
  • Click on ‘Find My Account’.

There, you have successfully recovered your username or password.

Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Payment

You have four options to choose from in making your card payment. It can be used for making paying using the following mediums:

  • You can pay online via the card’s secure card website.
  • Pay your credit card through your bank.
  • You can also pay by sending a mail through the mail address of the credit card.
  • Pay by calling the card phone number, and providing the agent with your checking and routing number.

You can make payment using this credit card by following the instructions above.

Victoria’s Secret Customer Service

Even though Comenity Bank does not offer an app, customers can manage their accounts at any time of the day through their online accounts. Customers get support which is available from 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. Eastern Time, and by email.

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