Whatsapp Business Application | WhatsApp business application download

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Whatsapp Business Application is an app designed specifically for individuals who own business and want to promote it on Whatsapp. So if you’re a business owner this platform is the best for you to promote your business, because you can create a catalog to enable display your products and services.

Whatsapp Business Application


Whatsapp allows you to use your phone Internet connection to chat with other people on WhatsApp. With this application, users can share photos, videos, files and make voice and video calls cheaply.

Moreover, the app is available for people with a smartphone. With this app you can save money, this is for people who have high SMS charges in their location.

Looking at it, there’s now a different Whatsapp application meant for the business personnel. With the Whatsapp tools, you can connect with your possible customers easily.


The following are basic features you find in the business app

Texts – it offers easy and reliable text messaging. With this you can message your family members and friends for free, just connect your phone Internet.

Group chat –  with this feature business owners can communicate with a group of people, and also share chats, photos, messages, videos on the platform.

Sync chat –  the Whatsapp on Desktop and Web lets you sync your chats to your PC to enable you to chat on your preferred device.

Voice and video calls –  users can make voice calls for free and also make a face to face chat known as video call. While making a video or voice call ,you are not charged from your phone plans voice minutes, all you need is to have an Internet connection.

Whatsapp business Application download

It is very easy to get the whatsapp business app on your mobile phone, with the simple steps I will be showing below, you will download and install the app without stress.

  • For Android users, go over to the Google play store while iOS users should Locate the Apple App Store
  • On the homepage, Locate the search box and fill in “whatsapp business app” and then enter
  • If you see the whatsapp app with capital letter “B”  Tap on the download or install button, depending on your device
  • Wait for it to download and install, after installing you can proceed to open the app or open it later.

After completing the above task, you are now set to bring your business on whatsapp.


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