WhatsApp Video Application – WhatsAppvideoVideo Status App for Android/ iPhone

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WhatsApp Video App is being searched online on a daily basis yet what they find most Posted is not WhatsApp video app. WhatsApp is one of the most renounce social messaging apps and is used by over 1.5 billion people globally. With the WhatsApp users can also post small clips as their status video of the day and it lasts for 24- hours. But in this article, we will deal more with WhatsApp Video Application.

WhatsApp Video Application

WhatsApp Video App

WhatsApp Video App is one of the features of WhatsApp Application. It can be used to receive and also send videos among friends and family. However, it can be used to watch the video and update your WhatsApp status too.

WhatsApp Video Status App for Android and iPhone

If you are familiar with the current state of things in social media, you will know that the “Status” update is trending. One of the main exciting things on WhatsApp Application is the Status update. There you can upload both videos and pictures of any event, news, and more to your pals. The status of WhatsApp Application is just like the Facebook Story (Status).

A lot of users on WhatsApp prefers uploading new status. Whenever you upload your status with either videos or pictures, any of your friends and family that comes online will see your status and go through them. A lot of users enjoy going through other people’s status than chat or read any broadcast messages sent to their account.

However, how does one get to upload their status?  Essentially, here is how to upload your daily status on WhatsApp. Go to your WhatsApp application, log in to your account, swipe to the left-hand side of the page. There you will see your “Status” option at the top of the page. Click on the “Status” icon. It will take you to your pictures gallery. Next, choose the photos or videos you desire to upload. If they are plenty, just press the particular picture or video that you want to upload, it will mark itself. Next, click on the “Green “ arrow widget and your status will start uploading automatically.

WhatsApp Video Call Application

WhatsApp Video Call Application is one of the features of WhatsApp Application. With your latest version of the WhatsApp account, you can make calls and receive a call from your loved ones. But this is only enabled when you are online.

However, the video calling works very well both on Android and IOS. These features make the WhatsApp among the Best Smartphone App for cross-platform video calls.

WhatsApp Video Call is rationally free, whenever you make a call on WhatsApp does not charge you a dime when you make calls. However, video calls demand an Internet connection. It does not consume data from your phone’s data plan. Additionally, if you are using WhatsApp to call someone who is using a WiFi connection. Your network service providers will not charge you.


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